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Admission to private universities

Enter a University in the Czech Republic without losing a year to prepare.

Having arrived in the Czech Republic under our program of support for admission to private universities in the Czech Republic, you can start studying at a Czech university immediately after completing 2-month intensive Czech language courses.

Private universities are very popular with students from abroad. A list and description of private universities can be found in the section “All universities in the Czech Republic”

Private universities in the Czech Republic

Why are private universities in the Czech Republic attractive?

  • The cost is from 1000 euros per semester
  • More narrow specialties
  • A lot of practice during the study
  • Specialties in Czech or English
  • There are many opportunities to go for a semester or year on exchange to England, America and other countries

Private universities have agreements with major Czech and international companies. As a rule, part of the education is a six-month practice in a business incubator or at a company.

“The undisputed advantage of the Czech education system is that students are given independence. We must choose how we will learn. We are literally learning to learn. I like the fact that for any questions, with any unsolved problem, you can freely contact any teacher, because we have an open door policy”.

Admission support program 

To become a student at a private University in the Czech Republic, you can come to Prague for a summer course in Czech.

The course runs from July 1 to September 30. The course is designed for 250 hours. On the course, you can get A2-B1 level.

Our teachers will give you a basic knowledge of the Czech language, and the specialists of the educational department will help you solve all organizational issues related to admission:

  • obtaining a long-term student visa
  • nostrification of previous education documents
  • applying to universities and support of the admission process

After completing the language course, you will start studying at a private university on October 1.

The program includes:

  • Czech language course (250 hours)
  • consulting assistance for admission to the selected university
  • consulting assistance for the nostrification of a certificate or diploma
  • visa support
  • booking a place in a hostel

In the Czech Republic, foreign applicants can only enter private universities without losing a year. If you want to study at a state university for free, come to the annual training programs.

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