You can get quality European education for free in the Czech Republic. Our training center specializes in preparing English-speaking applicants for admission to Czech universities for a free form of study in the Czech language.

Studying abroad is a valuable experience of life in another country and culture, broadening one’s horizons and prospects, studying foreign languages and getting a prestigious diploma. The Czech Republic is attractive because of availability of higher education and its high quality.

The Czech training center GoStudy has been preparing people for admission to universities since 1998 and is accredited to conduct the Czech state exam. The quality of education at GoStudy is confirmed by the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic.

What is the education in the Czech Republic?

  • Free education in state universities
  • High quality of teaching
  • Classical European education and new specialties
  • Rich cultural and scientific life in the center of Europe
  • The possibility to travel all over Europe
  • Many exchange studies options in other European countries, as well as in the USA, Canada, Australia or Japan
  • Career perspective in a European company

Free education in the Czech Republic is an opportunity that 38 thousand foreign students now use. Higher education in the Czech Republic has unique historical traditions, follows modern trends and is ranked higher and higher in world rankings every year. This year, nine Czech universities were included in the prestigious ranking of the best universities in the world, QS World University.

Among the best universities in the world are classical European universities – Charles University in Prague, Masaryk University in Brno, Palacký University Olomouc or the University of Ostrava. Here you can get high-quality linguistic, medical, pedagogical, humanitarian, sports or natural science education.

The QS World University ranking also includes high-quality Czech technical universities – Czech Technical University in Prague, Brno University of Technology, and the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague.

In addition, the Czech Republic hosts one of the best business schools in the world – the Higher School of Economics in Prague and the prestigious creative academies – the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, and the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.

It is real to become a student of a Czech university and study for free

Education in public universities in the Czech Republic is free for foreigners. But in order to join, you will need to learn the Czech language at the advanced level (B2), acknowledge documents on your previous education in the Czech Republic, prepare and submit an application and documents to the admissions office in a timely manner and, of course, prepare for the entrance exams.

It is difficult to pass all stages of admission without any help. Therefore, foreign applicants begin their journey in the Czech Republic with intensive one-year courses of the Czech language and preparation for admission.
Czech training center GoStudy specializes in comprehensive one-year preparatory programs for admission to Czech universities, which include both language training and support at all stages of admission.

At the end of the studies the students must pass the Czech language exam for B2 level. Knowledge of the Czech language at an advanced level allows them to take entrance examinations in Czech and study at Czech universities for free.

For whom is our curriculum for?

  • It is aimed at graduates of secondary schools or colleges in India
  • For bachelor’s program graduates wishing to get the master’s degree in the Czech Republic.
  • For graduates of higher educational institutions interested in obtaining a free second higher education

In the Czech Republic, the education at bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD programs is free, so you can join at any level of higher education.

GoStudy Learning Center Program

  • Preparation for admission to a Czech university for a free form of study
  • Formalization of a long-term Czech visa
  • Intensive study of the Czech language from scratch to B2 level
  • Acquaintance with Czech and European culture
  • Passing the prestigious Czech state exam at the end of studies

What we offer to participants of our program?

  • Language and special preparation for admission to state universities in the Czech Republic
  • Consulting on choosing a university and specialty and support of the admission process
  • Assistance in the preparation of all documents necessary for living and studying in the Czech Republic
  • Help with accommodation
  • Curatorial support

We offer the participants of our training programs a full range of services: from visa support to preparation of documents for admission. Our students receive advice on all issues related to their studies and life in the Czech Republic.

We will provide you with

  • Advice on educational issues
  • Meeting at the airport or railway station
  • Comfortable accommodation and assistance in solving household issues
  • Assistance in orientation in the country and city after arrival
  • Help in choosing an educational institution and a specialty
  • Preparation for admission to the university of choice

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