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ART & DESIGN INSTITUT is the first private higher school of art in the Czech Republic.

The institute offers new standards of teaching art specialties – students study several creative directions at once as well as the modern art market.


  • Study is under the program “Fine Arts” in the specialty “Fine Arts and Artistic Activities”.
  • The language of studies is Czech.
  • The program is designed for 3 years of study. Upon graduation, the graduates receive the degree of Bachelor of Arts – BA.
  • The university offers a relevant liberal creative education. The curriculum combines both artistic and business disciplines.
  • Students study marketing and artwork advertising.

Painting atelier of the Institute

Studied disciplines

  • Painting
  • Graphics
  • Photography
  • Artwork in space
  • Intermediate atelier
  • Multimedia
  • History of art
  • Marketing and art market
  • Museum studies and galleries
  • Psychology of art
  • Philosophy of artistic expression
  • Cultural anthropology and art

Университет располагает самой современной техникой, включая 3D принтер

Entrance exams

  • portfolio presentation (5 or more works) depending on the chosen field of study – painting, photography or computer graphics
  • written test on general prerequisits for learning
  • interview

Students exhibit their works every semester

Tuition costs

The tuition costs are 70,000 CZK per year.

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