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Higher School of Art Michael

Vyšší odborná škola Michael

At the Higher School of Art Michael you can get an up-to-date education under the program “Multimedia Creativity in Advertising”. https://www.akademiemichael.cz/

Studies are carried out in 3 specialties: “Film Art”, “Graphic design” and “Photography”.


  • The program is designed for 3 years of study.
  • Upon completion of studies, graduates receive a degree of a certified specialist (DiS.).
  • Higher School of Art Michael was set up on the basis of the High School of Advertising and Creative Arts Michael with a 20-year tradition.
  • Studies take place in the form of classes in art ateliers and workshops made by specialists.
  • Workshops are conducted by renowned experts in the field of advertising and art.
  • Teachers approach each student individually, support the development of his talent and artistic abilities. The groups consist of no more than 10 students.
  • Students are working on real projects.
  • Art ateliers are equipped with modern equipment.

Submission of applications

Applications must be submitted until May 31

Entrance exams

Entrance exams take place at the end of August. The exam consists of:

1) creative exam (each specialty has its requirements – they are listed below in more detail),

2) English test,

3) history of art test.

Tuition costs

The tuition costs are 38,000 CZK per year.

Martin Grzebachka, Head of the Film Art Department

Film Art

In the first year, students take courses of general theory and practice in film production. Students learn the basics of screenwriting and directing, camera work, basics of editing, and sound engineering.

In the second and third year, students choose a specialization – “Film and television art” or “Digital post-production”.

Creative exam:

  • two scenarios (plot of the commercial + storyboard and plot of a short story film with a description of the plot, location, characteristics of the main characters)
  • portfolio (resume, 5 photos on a free topic, also, you can provide a video up to 5 minutes long).

An interview is conducted with the applicant.

Tomas Trzestik, Head of the Department of Photography


The creative exam consists of a portfolio presentation:

  • landscape (1 “objective” shot – for calender or advertisement, 2 “subjective” shots – stylized)
  • still life (1 classic shot and 1 modern shot)
  • architecture (2 photos of historical architecture, 2 photos of modern architecture)
  • self-portrait and portrait (1 self-portrait, 1 portrait, 1 documentary photography)
  • photo set (of 6-8 conceptually related photos)
  • free set of photos

Additionally, you can provide examples of painting, graphics, calligraphy, etc. An interview is conducted with the applicant.

Miroslav Roubicek, Head of the Graphic Design Department

Graphic design

The creative exam consists of the presentation of portfolio in form of slide show. It is necessary to provide a resume and at least 20 works (corporate identity development, logos, posters, advertising campaigns, web design, flash animation). The applicant must know the programs of the Adobe Creative Suite software package.

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