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Metropolitan University in Prague

Metropolitní univerzita Praha (MUP)

Metropolitan University Prague offers study programs in the field of international relations, legal studies, and international economic relations in Czech and English.

The university was founded in 2001. The annual high interest of applicants speaks for the high reputation of the university. The university has about 6,000 students.


  • The Metropolitan University of Prague has a reputation as an authoritative center for complex fundamental and applied socioeconomic, political, and strategic researches.
  • The university considers its main mission to be a comprehensive study of international processes, functioning mechanisms of the market economy, and characteristics of the political systems of all countries in the world.
  • The university cooperates with various institutes of international relations, the Institute for European Policy – Europeum, industry department, the European Patent Office in Munich, the World Organization of Psychologists in Geneva.
  • The university maintains strong ties with universities and scientific centers in foreign countries.
  • In 2005, the university founded the Middle East Center. At the moment the university’s partners are more than 130 universities of Europe (cooperation under the Erasmus program), America, and Asia.

Bachelor’s degree specializations

  • Anglophone Studies (in Czech or in English)
  • International Relations and European Studies (in Czech or in English)
  • International Business (in Czech)
  • International Business (in English)
  • Humanities
  • Media Studies
  • Industrial Property
  • Public Administration

Master’s degree specializations

  • Anglophone Studies (in Czech or in English)
  • Asian Studies and International Relations
  • European Studies and Public Administration
  • International and Regional Relations in the industrial property
  • International Relations and European Studies
  • Media Studies
  • Political science
  • Regional Studies and International Business


Bachelor’s and master’s degrees: intramural form – 55,000 CZK per year (2,183 EUR), combined form – 48,000 CZK per year (1,905 EUR)

Admission requirements: for the bachelor’s degree program – test of proficiency in Czech and one foreign language (English, German, French or Spanish). For a master’s degree program – test of proficiency in Czech, test of proficiency in English, test in major subject. Admission to the combined form of master’s and bachelor’s degrees takes place without an entrance exam. Foreigners take a test of proficiency in Czech. When studying in English, students take an exam or an internationally recognized certificate is provided.

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