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The College of Logistics

The institute trains specialists in transport logistics, tourism and information management

The College of Logistics graduates know how to ensure optimal and purposeful movement of people, information, materials and products. In the education process emphasis is placed on the development of students’ systematic approach to problem solving.


The College of Logistics is ranked first among private technical colleges in the competition “Faculty of the Year” (www.fakultaroku.cz).

Education in the field of logistics is very much in demand. There is a great demand in the Czech Republic for specialists with higher technical education capable of managing modern logistics systems as well as for specialists with technical knowledge in the field of logistics, the ability to think “technically” and find optimal solutions and approaches.

VŠLG is a technical institution of higher education which strives to develop creative thinking in its students. Students are taught to find technically original solutions which will have effective practical application.

Bachelor’s degrees:

  • Transport Logistics
  • Logistics in Services
  • Information Management
  • Logistics in Tourism

Post Graduate field:

  • Logistics

Admission requirements:

For admission to the undergraduate program, there is an interview; for admission to the graduate program, there is a written test.


20 000 CZK per semester

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