Universities of the Czech Republic
There are 26 public and 44 private universities in the Czech Republic.
Study in public universities in Czech is free
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Free education

No, your eyes are not deceiving you!

You read it right! The Czech Republic allows international students study free of charge regardless of the study program they choose or how long it takes to complete. Requirements for enrolment are rather straightforward. You must have completed secondary school education and you must have a basic proficiency of Czech language. Once you are proficient in basic Czech language, the Czech Government pays for your full education in any of the Czech state universities you wish to study at. After your successful enrolment to the university of your choice, you will be granted a student visa which will allow you to travel, work and live in Europe.


How does it work?


We Prepare You

We understand that learning a new language is often a daunting task for most people. Keeping this in mind, we have designed our language programs in a way that gets you speaking Czech in no time.

All of the programs are taught by our experienced native speakers. Besides language learning we also offer additional specialised courses which are aimed at preparing you for admissions based on your choice of universities or subject of study.

Check our preparation courses

GoStudy offers language training programs for students looking to study at the Czech universities for free.

Our language programs allow students to sit prestigious state language proficiency exam which confirms their Czech language competency and proficiency. Having passed this exam, students can study in any of the state universities of the Czech Republic free of charge.

How to become a student at a Czech University?

When I first made the decision to study abroad, it was a kind of “pig in a poke”, as I had never been to Europe before, but we need to take risks and learn new things while we are young. The sky is the limit for us!

— Alena Drozdova, a GoStudy graduate

Alena is currently studying banking at Prague University of Economics and Business

Education in the Czech Republic - FAQs

There are 50,000 international students currently enrolled in Czech universities. Many of them are GoStudy students.

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