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GoStudy Academy

Scholarship for study
in Europe

Scholarship for study
in Europe

Subscribee to Facebook Messenger bot
Get free materials about education in Europe
Participate in the draw for scholarships up to 5700 €

General scholarship fund

200 000 €


Becoming a participant in the scholarship drawing is easy, registration is free.


You can become a participant at any time, as soon as you register.


You will receive assignments and materials from the Academy in a smart chatbot in the Messenger app.


Scholarship winners will receive certificates for GoStudy preparation programs

What is GoStudy Academy?

This is a free theory and practice course for your successful future in Europe.

Your choice is our priority

At the Academy you will be able to decide on a country for higher education, choose universities and destinations to apply to and build a track to prepare for admission and start learning the language.

In demand

In-demand education, a career in international companies, clear prospects and a decent standard of living — this is what a quality European education provides.

It's free

One Academy instead of a thousand paid counselling sessions for your future. Free!

Who exactly needs the Academy


For middle and high school students considering studying abroad.


For bachelor’s degree graduates planning to continue their education and enroll in a master’s program.

Young professionals

For those planning to build a successful career not only in Europe but also worldwide.

The Academy

3 months of classes, lectures, informative videos and a scholarship drawing.


Introductory lectures and materials from the Academy, information about classes, schedule, bonuses, gifts, and the Grant Competition.

Accessible Education in Europe

— Discover how education in Europe can be free.
— Obtain information about countries, universities, majors, and admission conditions for tuition-free education in Europe.
— Familiarize yourself with real success stories from individuals, GoStudy graduates who have already walked this path and achieved success!

Education in Austria

— Discover a promising country for higher education.
— Receive colorful guides, compilations, guides, and more.
— Familiarize yourself with real success stories from individuals, GoStudy graduates who have already walked this path and achieved success!
— Familiarize yourself with real success stories from individuals, GoStudy graduates who have already walked this path and achieved success!

Education in the Czech Republic

— Learn how to prepare and master the language to guarantee admission in the Czech Republic, where education for foreign students in Czech is completely free!
— Receive helpful materials and guides.
— Join free Czech language lessons with a native speaker!

Education in Slovakia

— Discover how to obtain a student residence permit and settle in the country with the most comfortable cost of living in Europe.
— Ensure that applying, studying, and living in Slovakia is easy!
— Obtain unique information about Slovak universities and majors.

Career and Perspectives

— Build a step-by-step educational and career strategy with GoStudy experts.
— Choose a path to achieve your goal — a successful future in Europe!
— Learn about studying and working in Europe from firsthand experiences. Gain access to the stories of graduates from European universities.

Scholarship Drawings 🏆

Every participant in the Academy will have the chance to win up to 5700 euros for preparation for admission in their chosen country. Study in Europe for FREE!

Regular drawings of scholarships among Academy students

The GoStudy Scholarship is your chance to realize your dream of studying and living abroad!

Every Academy participant has a unique opportunity to get a scholarship from 1400 to 5725 euros!

The scholarship gives you the opportunity to study and prepare for admission to one of the European universities absolutely free of charge.

They have already fulfilled their dream

Winners of previous GoStudy Scholarship Drawings.

Alexandra Z.


Andrey K.


Manzura M.


Denis P.


Alina L.


Take a step towards your dream — living and studying in Europe.

Fill out the form, become a GoStudy Academy student and get a Scholarship to study in Europe


We answer frequently asked questions about our Academy and Scholarships.

How do I apply?

Submit the application through the form above and instantly gain access to the Academy bot.

Is there no charge to participate in the Academy?

Yes, the Academy is completely free and you only need to register to attend. We look forward to seeing everyone!

When and how are assignments made?

You can complete assignments at your own pace and schedule. We have no strict deadlines or requirements.

What are the conditions for completing the training?

The conditions are simple: you need to register as a student of the Academy, receive training materials and assignments, participate in webinars as a listener and follow the results of the scholarship drawing (who knows, maybe you will be the winner).

Completion of assignments or participation in webinars is not mandatory!

When will the classes at the Academy begin, and how long will they last?

You will gain access to the Academy materials immediately after registration. Don’t worry, it won’t be boring — the GoStudy team has carefully designed the Academy curriculum to make it easy and interesting for all participants.

What will I get as a result of the training?

Every student will receive a certificate of completion from GoStudy Academy, along with special bonuses for our educational programs.

What is a grant and what does it provide?

The GoStudy Scholarship is a certificate in the amount of €1,400 to €5,725, which the winner can use to pay for all or part of the university preparatory program offered by GoStudy in Austria, the Czech Republic or Slovakia. This scholarship will allow the recipient to enroll in a budget educational program in Europe.

It is important to note that the GoStudy scholarship cannot be exchanged for cash or received as a cash equivalent.

Can I be expelled?

No, we do not have a system of punishment or expulsion from the Academy. If for some reason you don’t want to participate in the Academy anymore, you can simply unsubscribe from the bot.

When will the results of the Grants Competition be available?

Drawing of Scholarships among the participants will be held every 2 months and the results will be announced on the day of the draw.

What if I decided not to wait for the draw and paid for the programme but ended up winning the Grant?

All Academy participants who registered, paid for the program and won the scholarship will be refunded the scholarship amount.

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