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The Gastronomy Museum Prague

… this Museum is one of a kind, a real foodie heaven!

I learned about this quirky museum, or rather about its talented founder, from an interview I read last year in the F. O. O. D. magazine.

This year I have finally managed to go there for a visit! My friend and I were incredibly lucky to join a small VIP tour, headed by Nina Provaan Smetanová herself, the Director and the Founder of the Museum! At the end of the fascinating tour, or prohlídka in Czech, we took part in a cooking class, which made our visit even more exciting and memorable!

I shall not say anymore about the Museum as I do not want to take any excitement out of your own experience when you do get a chance to go. I will only say that if you are a real foodie like myself, who considers cooking to be an art form, then you simply must go there!

Alina Baeva 17 February 2021

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