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Enroll in universities abroad easy

Enroll in universities abroad easy

Affordable secondary, higher education, assistance in relocation and nostrification of specialists in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria.

Our graduates are now building careers in major international companies in Europe
Our graduates are now building careers in major international companies in Europe
Success stories

Cases of our students

Phan Huy Thành
Phan Huy Thành

GoStudy student currently studying sociology at Charles University in the Czech Republic

"An example of how a student from a small Vietnamese town was able to realize his dreams, moved to study in one of the most comfortable and promising countries in Europe, the Czech Republic. He has secured himself a worthy future with a prestigious degree from a European university."

Phó Duy Bả
Phó Duy Bả

GoStudy graduate from the Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic

Originally from Vietnam, he became a beacon of hope for his family. Dreaming of becoming a surgeon, he is educated at Masaryk University in Brno, specialising in General Medicine. His goal is to bring his experience to his homeland. A story about determination, love for one's country and striving for a bright future.

Chu Mỹ Duyê
Chu Mỹ Duyê

GoStudy student, now studying at the Medical University of Vienna, prospective surgeon

"Chu's decision once again confirms the high ranking of European universities. She prepared hard to enter Hanoi State University and had every chance to enter on a budget, but decided to give preference to European education. Now the whole world is open to her!"

Strategy for the dream

Your study abroad in one place

Explore and choose

Discover the country where you want to study

On our website there are more than 600+ useful articles from experts on the topic of education abroad, as well as university profiles describing admission conditions, faculties and specialties.

Free consultation

Get expert advice from experts on education abroad

Get a personalized strategy for your education and career abroad from GoStudy experts.

Get ready and go

Learn about GoStudy preparation programs

Our university entrance preparation programs are designed to help you successfully learn a language, pass exams and be guaranteed admission to the university of your dreams.

Support and assistance

Our experts will be with you at every stage

GoStudy programs include a comprehensive range of services to prepare students for admission to a European university: from collecting visa documents to submitting applications to the chosen university, so that you are 100% prepared.

Student accommodation

Make yourself comfortable

When registering for the program, you will be able to choose a suitable accommodation option. The GoStudy team will meet you at the airport and place you in a hostel, as well as help with any household issues: from a burned-out light bulb to an escort in the hospital.

Enrolling at university

You are on the way to success!

Now you are part of a great community of students from all over the world who are choosing a promising future in Europe, congratulations!

Why GoStudy?

The only right choice

Free education in Europe for everyone

In 2022, more than 2,000 of our students have prepared for and been accepted to a free university in Europe. GoStudy is more than just preparation for European universities. We help dreams come true.

Community and support

We help integrate new students into a culturally sensitive and comfortable environment. School counsellors are in touch with the students and are ready to answer any question, even if it is not directly related to the learning process. For example: how to get a travel card, a bank card or how to make an appointment with a doctor?

Immersion in a language environment

GoStudy teachers are native speakers. Students are immersed in the language environment from day one, which allows them to learn a new language faster and get rid of their accent.

Guarantee of university admission

A unique methodology, highly qualified teachers and a student tracking system effectively prepare you for university. Successful preparation for university requires attending classes according to the syllabus, completing assignments and following the mentors' recommendations.

Who are we?

Strength in the team

Experts in the field of Education abroad

20 years of work and specialization in preparation for admission to universities of foreign students. Our experts are ready to give you a free consultation! Follow the dream with GoStudy!

Only experienced teachers

We carefully approach the selection of teachers who will work with students. The GoStudy team consists of native speakers with experience working with international students.

Caring curators

GoStudy is a community. Our team has a team of curators who take care of students and help them easily integrate into a new environment. We will help you meet at the airport, place you in a hostel and arrange your student schedule.



We answer frequently asked questions about our agency and the process of applying to universities abroad.

What language is the learning in?

It depends on the country where the applicant plans to enroll. At universities in the Czech Republic or Slovakia, for example, education is conducted in Czech or Slovak. If we consider, for example, Austria, then you can study in German or English.

Are there age restrictions when applying for a free form of study at universities?

All applicants enter and study on equal terms, regardless of age and citizenship.

Is studying in some European countries really free?

Higher education in the Czech Republic and Slovakia in the local language at all three levels – bachelor's, master's and doctoral studies - is free for both Czech and Slovak citizens and foreigners. You pay only for the first year of language learning and preparation for admission, and then you receive higher education at the University of the Czech Republic and Slovakia for free.

How do I start applying for an annual pre-admission program?

Fill out the form in the student profile on oue website.

Select a training programme and get a free consultation

Take the applicant test and get a free consultation with our expert on the topic "Education in Europe"

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