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The GoStudy program provides Czech language training to students who intend to study in any of the public universities in Czech Republic for free, but are not yet decided on their particular field of specialization.

Why Czech Republic ?

Why pay when you can study for free? No, your eyes are not deceiving you: if you know the basic Czech language then you are entitled to free education in any of the public universities of the Czech Republic. The Czech government pays for your education and helps you fulfill your dream of getting premium European education that fits your pocket.

Home to some of the world’s renowned universities with likes of Charles University, Masaryk University, Czech Technical University, Prague School of Economics and Business; Czech Republic offers a huge spectrum of courses and field of study for students who aspire to study in Europe. Faced with huge demand and popularity among international students, Czech Republic has been witnessing huge competition for all its popular programs.

Program Details

GoStudy provides comprehensive Czech language training to students which in turn enables them to study in any of the public universities in the Czech Republic for free. The courses place emphasis on the language training for B2 level proficiency and prepare the students for the prestigious state exam that is accepted by most universities and highly valued by employers.

“Premium” in Prague

  • The training plan is designed for 870 academic hours.
  • Possible start dates for training: September 1. The sooner you arrive in the Czech Republic, immerse yourself in the language environment and start learning the language at school, the better it is. But since many people decide to study in the Czech Republic in the summer, we also opened courses with a later start, but with the same hourly subsidy.
  • Students of the course have the opportunity to pass the state exam in the Czech language, corresponding to the B2 level, free of charge (the written part takes place in mid-May, the oral part—in early June).
  • The course is completed in late May – early June. Upon graduation, students take an internal GoStudy exam to determine the level (A2 – B2, according to CEFR) and receive a certificate.

Cost and payment options

The cost of the full program is € 5,100 and includes: 870 Czech language lessons from zero to B2 level

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