GoStudy is the biggest educational center in the Czech Republic. Every year, we provide a comprehensive language education and admission preparation to thousands of international students looking to pursue their university degrees in the Czech Republic.

More than 20 years of experience

Since 1998, we have been teaching foreign students the Czech language. This is a key step, in order to prepare students for admission to the free public universities in the Czech Republic. In only one year we prepare students from A0 to B2 level (by CEFR).

«For thousands of international students, the road to a Czech university degree began with GoStudy»

Mgr. Anna Čurdová, GoStudy director, educator, politician, honorary member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Europe Council and the European Integration Committee

From zero to B2 in ONE YEAR

To enter a university program thought in Czech, it is necessary for the state to recognize the student’s level of the language. The GoStudy program is accredited by the Education Ministry of the Czech Republic to conduct the so-called state exam in the Czech language, a recognition of the highest educational standard.

State Exam (National B2 Certificate)

is a prestigious comprehensive exam that places high demands on language competence. In the Czech Republic, State Exam certificates are accepted by most universities and are highly valued by employers.

All teachers are linguists and native speakers

«I teach students not only Czech grammar and terminology of their future specialisation, but also colloquial speech».

PhDr. Petr Vybíral, Ph.D

Tailored Educational Programs

We place a strong emphasis on the individual journey our students want to pursue. Our preparatory programs are therefore tailored depending on the selected degree of each student. Each program consists of two parts:

  • Czech language course (1200 classes) and
  • University-admission preparatory course (150 classes).

We are currently accepting applications for the following programs. When choosing a program, you can choose the city of study (Prague or Karlovy Vary):

  • Admission to Charles University
  • Admission To Prague University of Economics and Business
  • Admission to Czech Technical University
  • Study Creative Arts
  • Study Medicine
  • Study Prime

Our students 2018-2019

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