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European education
accessible to everyone

European education
accessible to everyone

Since 1998 we have helped thousands of people to enter European universities.

Full support of the student during the move and enrolment in university.

Effective language teaching using unique modern methods.

Our goal

Is your successful future in Europe

We will prepare you to enter and study at European universities in the Czech Republic, Austria and Slovakia qualitatively and in a short period of time. All you need to do is to study diligently and fulfil your teacher’s tasks.

No language barriers: in just one year you will be able to study at university without any problems, communicate easily with your classmates and teachers and feel at home.

We will quickly adapt you to the language environment, familiarise you with the new culture and give you all the perspectives for your studies and career. With us you will learn the language, visit different European countries and make many new friends!

GoStudy principles

We provide a high quality education and maximise the entry rate of applicants through our teaching principles.

Language immersion

From the first days of lessons you hear correct Czech, Slovak, German speech — this allows you to quickly get rid of the accent. Interaction and immersion — a special methodology that implies deep immersion in the language environment and the fact that the learning process will be based on the interaction between he teacher and the student.

Openness and support

Moving away from home and living in a new country is always stressful. School supervisors are constantly in touch with students and are ready to answer any question, even if it is not directly related to the educational process. For example: how to apply for a travel pass, a bank card or how to make an appointment with a doctor?

More than just studying

Studying at GoStudy is not only a quality education, but also a real family. Don’t worry about not having time for fun because of your studies! With GoStudy you will have a lot of interesting things to do: sports competitions and trips, excursions, picnics, parties and quests.

«For thousands of international students, it was GoStudy’s educational programmes that started their studies in Europe»

Mgr. Anna Čurdová, director of the GoStudy language centre in Prague, teacher, politician, honorary member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and the Committee for European Integration.


GoStudy Reviews

What students and alumni say about the school.


21, GoStudy student from Italy

The foreign language was easy for me in general, but it was difficult to master specialised terminology in Slovak. And of course, I fought with the accent! Thank you very much to the teachers for their patience — I knew my questions would always be answered, even if I thought they were silly.


20, GoStudy student from Spain

Thanks to GoStudy, I learnt German and was able to go to Austria to study, where I graduated from university and now work as a doctor. At home, I could never have dreamed of such prospects as I have now. Thanks to the GoStudy teachers for helping me learn the language so quickly and so well!


19, GoStudy student from India

Leaving home was very difficult, I was worried about how I would feel in a new place. Thank you very much for the support of the GoStudy mentors! They helped me to adapt quickly, to understand what and how, and not to waste time on unnecessary worries, but to learn.

Breaking down barriers

GoStudy — the path to education around the world

GoStudy opens the way to quality education for students from all corners of the world. Thanks to us, the world is graduating new talents who play a significant role in scientific and economic progress.


Start building your career by studying in Europe

Demand on the labour market and high professionalism — as a result of studying at GoStudy and a European university.


Our students:

Know at least one more language than their European colleagues

Are hard-working and well-trained

Adapt easily in a multicultural environment

Adapt quickly to changes in the workplace

With a degree from a European university and knowledge of a foreign language, you will choose from excellent offers on the labour market and will never be unemployed.

Our offices

You can study at one of our centres in Europe or choose an online format.

Head office of the language school

The main office of the GoStudy National Examination Language School is located in Prague, where you can apply directly for study programmes.

In Brno, Bratislava and Vienna

There are branches of the school.

You can also prepare for your studies from home, in parallel with your 11th grade studies

For this purpose we have developed an online programme that is just as effective as face-to-face study.


We answer frequently asked questions about our school and the process.

I am moving to 11th grade, can I prepare in parallel with my main studies in an online course to enter a European university?

Now it is really possible to prepare for higher education in Europe online. Previously, applicants had to be in the country to take the nostrification and entrance exams, as well as to learn the language. Nowadays, learning a language online is just as good as learning it offline in a classroom. Many universities themselves recognise the certificates of foreign applicants, and it is possible to apply for internal recognition of the certificate remotely. In addition, a number of universities accept entrance exams online or recruit students without exams at all.

How much does a one-year language course cost?

From 4000 to 10000 euros, depending on the city of study and the number of hours. This price includes comprehensive support: visa support, assistance in the nostrification of the certificate, submission of documents to universities, counselling on admission. You can pay for your studies on a monthly basis.

I am unable to attend the course yet due to family reasons, can I enrol now?

Yes, you can apply to study or start studying online straight away while the visa issue is being sorted out. We have combined programmes in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, where the first semester is online and the second semester is face-to-face in Prague or Bratislava, and a wide range of online courses for entry to universities in Austria.

What certificate will I receive at the end of the course?

Graduates of GoStudy courses pass the state foreign language exam, after which they receive an A2 or B2 certificate (depending on the intensity and duration of the course).

Are there age limits for admission to European universities?

European universities have no age restrictions. There may be a problem at the Embassy when issuing visas to people over 50 years old, so in these cases you should take the preparation of visa documents more seriously.

What is included in the cost of the training programme other than the foreign language course?

We offer 2 types of programmes: shortened programmes for applicants to private universities and annual training programmes for applicants to state universities on a budget (detailed information is described in the section «Programmes» on our website). The cost of the programme includes a foreign language course, services for nostrification of the certificate or diploma, provision of documents for opening a student visa: confirmation from the state university and confirmation from the hostel about reservation of a place; assistance in solving everyday and organisational issues for the whole period of study at our courses, consultations when choosing a speciality and university, assistance in submitting documents to the admission committee of the university of your choice, adaptation programme. The annual programme also includes training courses in the subjects to be taken at the entrance exams (mathematics, physics, biology, foreign language, etc.) or preparation for creative tests.

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