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We enroll in any European university!

We enroll in any European university!

For over 20 years, we have specialized in preparing foreign students. Our school is a leader in the market for preparing students for European universities.

Principles of our study

We provide high-quality education and a maximum percentage of admission for applicants thanks to our teaching principles.

Immersion in a language environment

From the first days of classes, you hear proper Czech, Slovak, and German speech, which allows you to quickly get rid of the accent. Our teachers have many years of experience in teaching foreign languages to students from CIS countries.

Openness and support

A new unfamiliar environment is always stressful. The school's curators are in touch with the students and are ready to answer any question, even if it is not directly related to the educational process. For example, how to get a transport pass, a bank card, or how to make an appointment with a doctor?

More than just studying

Education at GoStudy is not only high-quality education, but also a true student life. The GoStudy team organizes various leisure activities including sports competitions, trips, excursions, picnics, and students make new friends from all over the world.

Our goal

Become one of us!

Quickly and efficiently, we will prepare any student for admission and studying at budget departments in universities in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Austria. We guarantee that your financial investment in language learning will pay off.

Our task is to quickly and painlessly adapt you to a new environment, introduce you to Czech, Slovak, and Austrian culture, and outline all the prospects for studying and building a career in Europe.

Our school history

More than 5000 foreign students come to prepare for admission to universities in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Austria. Become one of them!


More than 150 students at GoStudy.


Opening of an educational center in Prague.


Educational center in Brno, over 500 students in the school.


First grant competition at GoStudy.


Reviews about GoStudy school


Valeria Grashchenko

GoStudy graduate, student at the Faculty of Architecture of CVUT

"Throughout the entire preparation for admission, the teachers and my group were a great help. We developed friendly relationships and it wasn't as difficult as I imagined to adjust to life away from home."


Vladislava Prilutskaya

Student of the annual courses at GoStudy in Prague

"I like the methodology we use to learn the language. The classes at the school are quite intensive, but challenging grammar exercises are alternated with simpler vocabulary tasks. I have no doubt that by the time of the exams, I will reach at least a B2 level."


Alisher Sarsynbaev

Student of the annual courses at GoStudy in Prague

"GoStudy provides learning conditions that other language schools cannot offer. I am more than satisfied with my choice. The school's curators help with all questions to the extent that you need."

Our branches

You can study in one of our centers in Europe or choose an online format

The main office of GoStudy language school, authorized to conduct state exams, is located in Prague. You can contact them directly to enroll in educational programs. There are also branches of the school in Brno and Bratislava. You can also prepare for admission from home, alongside your studies in the 11th grade - for this, we have developed an online program that is just as effective as in-person learning.



We answer frequently asked questions about our school and the process.

Can I prepare for admission to a Czech university online while studying in the 11th grade?

Now it is indeed possible to prepare for admission to Czech universities online. Until 2021, all Czech university applicants had to take nostrification exams, which was a lengthy process that required being in the country. Currently, most Czech universities recognize foreign applicants' certificates themselves. You can apply for internal recognition of your certificate remotely.

How much does the annual Czech language course cost?

The cost ranges from 2500 to 5000 euros, depending on the city of study and the number of hours. This price includes comprehensive support: visa assistance, help with certificate nostrification, document submission to universities, and consultation regarding admission. You can pay for tuition on a monthly basis.

What certificate will I receive upon completing the course?

Graduates of GoStudy courses take a state exam in Czech or Slovak language and receive a B2 level certificate. After completing the German language course, students receive an A2 level certificate. This allows them to apply for a student visa and come to Austria. After that, applicants continue studying German up to level C1 in special courses at the chosen university and prepare for admission.

Are there age restrictions for admission to Czech universities?

Czech universities do not have age restrictions. There may be difficulties at the embassy when issuing visas to people over 50, so in these cases, it is advisable to take visa document preparation more seriously.

What is included in the cost of the preparation program besides the Czech or Slovak language course?

We offer two types of programs: summer programs for those applying to private universities and annual preparation programs for those applying to state universities (detailed information is described in the "Programs" section on our website). The cost of the program includes Czech, Slovak, and German language courses, services for certificate or diploma nostrification, provision of documents for student visa application (confirmation from a state university and dormitory reservation confirmation), assistance with practical and organizational matters throughout the course, consultation on choosing a major and university, assistance with document submission to the admissions office of your chosen university, and an adaptation program. The annual program also includes subject preparation courses that applicants will take in the entrance exams (mathematics, physics, biology, foreign language, etc.). If you plan to apply to an Austrian university, you will have a personal assistant who will help you with all your questions.

Do I need to pay for education in an Austrian state university?

In an Austrian state university, you will only need to pay the academic fee per semester, which is around 746 euros. Otherwise, education in state universities is free.

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