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Course Concept

GoStudy Prime program provides students with Czech language courses and specialized training to prepare them for admission to the universities in the Czech Republic.

The training consists of intensive speech practice based on a communicative approach and a special program of immersion in the cultural environment.

  • 5/6 academic hours of Czech per day;
  • daily classes with experienced teachers;
  • direct teaching method—only Czech is used in the classroom;
  • regular monitoring of students’ progress;
  • work with tests of entrance exams;
  • study of vocabulary in the specialty;
  • acquaintance with Czech realities.

The training is aimed at developing students’ knowledge of the Czech language at the B2 level, according to the European classification (CEFR).

Learning stages

After 140 hours of study, students reach A1 level (elementary proficiency), after 280 hours—A2 level (pre-threshold level), after 420 hours—B1 level (threshold level). All remaining hours of classes are aimed at reaching B2 level (threshold advanced level) and above.

Course sections

  • Phonetics
  • Grammar
  • Colloquial speech
  • Vocabulary exercises
  • Interpretation of the text
  • Spelling
  • Czech realities

Speech competence of the graduate of the courses

At the end of the course, the student will have the skills to understand and to reproduce Czech speech at the B2 level and above.

1. The graduate is able to work with complex texts in the Czech language and to understand oral speech, in particular:

  • to define the main idea of the text and to see the details;
  • to see the principles of text construction and the author’s train of thought;
  • to understand the meaning of an oral information message;
  • to determine the intention, views, and feelings of the author, narrator, participant in the conversation;
  • to understand the meaning of the message in the media;
  • to apply different reading techniques—depending on the type of a text and the purpose of referring to it;
  • to understand instructions texts;
  • to determine the meaning of unfamiliar words and ambiguous expressions by a context;
  • to work with reference materials (dictionaries, encyclopedias, informative literature).

2. The graduate can build oral and written statements in the Czech language, in particular:

  • compose logical and structured text;
  • express his/her thoughts clearly on a wide range of issues;
  • present his/her arguments;
  • generalize and draw conclusions;
  • work with a translation and an explanatory dictionary.

3. The graduate is able to actively participate in dialogues in the Czech language, in particular:

  • to react to the arguments and views of the interlocutor;
  • to competently build statements during spontaneous communication;
  • to adequately start, to maintain, and to finish a conversation;
  • to engage in dialogues with native speakers;
  • to comment and to develop the thoughts of the interlocutor.

In addition to providing language knowledge, the objective of the courses is to comprehensively prepare for studies in universities.

In the second semester, the learning process is based on the interest of students in further education in specific universities (technical, humanitarian, economic).

Within the courses, students:

  • get acquainted with different forms of work practiced in Czech universities (seminars, workshops, lectures);
  • develop academic communication skills;
  • study a vocabulary in the specialty;
  • learn to work with scientific sources in Czech;
  • get acquainted with the rules for performing all types of written work that they will encounter while studying at universities (essays,
  • coursework, abstracts for discussion, presentation of the problem); work with all types of exam tests;

An important part of the course program is to introduce students to Czech culture.

If a student chooses a country in which he/she wants to live and to study, then he/she should know its history and be interested in contemporary culture. Within the courses, students receive the knowledge that every Czech graduate of the school has, which helps them a lot when studying at a Czech university in the future.

Czech realities studied in the course:

  • geographical, political, and economic position of the country in the world;
  • relations between the Czech Republic and the EU;
  • current situation and problems of the Czech Republic;
  • life and traditions, national customs and peculiarities, key historical events;
  • education, science, and technology, sports, art, literature; nature;
  • famous personalities;
  • features of the Czech language;
  • mass media.
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