Best Universities in the Czech Republic

For anybody interested in studying abroad, the Czech Republic is a fantastic choice. This reputation is well-deserved, with over 42,000 international students enrolled in Czech universities each year, as the Czech Republic is home to some of the world’s top 1000 schools, according to the Top University Rankings.

A wide range of academic programs, a central European location, extensive cultural opportunities, and a fascinating history, as well as international collaborations and affordable tuition prices, are all reasons for the appeal of the best universities in the Czech Republic. Students from anywhere may discover outstanding courses taught by some of the finest specialists in the subject, ranging from science and technology to anthropology; from literature and art to law.

Various international university rankings present the top 1,000 institutions in the world every year. Academic reputation, as judged by an expert poll of over 100,000 respondents, is typically accorded the most weight. Other variables include employer evaluations, student-to-academic ratios, researcher citation rates, and the percentage of international staff and students. Here are those among Czech universities at the top of the list. 

Charles University

Charles University (UK) usually occupies the top of the Czech Universities list. According to QS Global World Rankings 2022, it is rated #266. One of the oldest in the world, Charles University was founded in 1348 and now consists of 17 faculties, 14 of which are located in Prague. The university offers 300 accredited programs, the most unique being Criminology, Egyptology, Addictology and offers 642 specialties. The UK currently encloses 9,000 foreign students, putting it at the top of the list of czech universities for international students.

Masaryk University

Masaryk University, the country’s second-biggest public university, is located in Brno, the country’s second-largest city. It was founded in 1919 and is a member of the Compostela Group of Institutions and the Utrecht Network, both of which promote collaboration between European universities. As a result, not only Czech professors, but also well-known European politicians, diplomats, and scientists teach there. It is now rated #505 in the QS Global World Rankings 2022, with over 7,300 foreign students enrolled in 9 faculties and 1400 specialties. The university provides a unique major-minor degree format for the Czech Republic, as well as English and German programs.

Czech Technical University

Czech Technical University (CTU) is the second highest-ranked university in the country (#403 in the QS Global World Rankings 2022). The university is structured into eight faculties and one business school, each specializing in a distinct area of engineering. Students can pick from more than 55 globally recognized bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs and, after graduation, make valuable professionals who can swiftly adjust to the demands of today’s work market. CTU is also a forerunner in international collaborations and research, particularly in the fields of artificial intelligence, space, and digital design.

Brno University of Technology

Another technical university, but in South Moravia, Brno University of Technology is ranked #701 in the QS Global World Rankings 2022. With 22,000 students enrolled in eight faculties (and 4,600 international students), it has evolved into a prominent academic institute over the last couple of years. With an emphasis on engineering, it provides double-degree programs, courses in English, international conference organization, and research and development opportunities in its own regional research centers.

University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice

The University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice is the best among all young universities in the Czech Republic and the university’s campus is considered the most beautiful in CR. The university’s focus is on natural, humanitarian, and social sciences. According to the Times Higher Education Ranking in 2022, it is placed on the #801 position. The university offers around 220 programs at 8 faculties. 

Palacký University in Olomouc

Palacký University in Olomouc is also among the world’s best institutions (#601 in the QS Global World Rankings 2022). Having been founded in 1573, it is the Czech Republic’s second-oldest university. The university consists of eight faculties. The Medical Faculty, Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Natural Sciences are the most popular among international students. Palacký University is also one of the Czech Republic’s top five research universities, and the university’s Science and Technology Park has been promoting the commercialization of scientific achievements.

University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague

University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague is the largest educational institution in the Czech Republic in the field of chemical technology. Ranked #373 in the QS Global World Rankings 2022, it combines the finest of European educational traditions with cutting-edge scientific research methods, gives the chance to engage in research projects using top-notch technology, and intern at other world-renowned universities. Given that the applicant passes a test in Czech language, entering without further exams is possible, but do not let it fool you: the university’s high rating is reflected in the course’s difficulty.

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague was founded in 1906 as a university of agricultural research and education in Prague, Czech Republic. It was placed on the #801 position by the QS Global World Rankings 2022, thanks to its high international student ratio and excellent academic reputation. The institution is set on a flawlessly landscaped campus with a canteen, central library, cutting-edge IT, cutting-edge laboratories, and instructional facilities (farms, fishponds, and a garden center).

Mendel University in Brno

CULS shares its #801 position with Mendel University in Brno, the oldest agrarian and agricultural university in the Czech Republic that follows almost 100 years of tradition of quality education, skillfully combining a modern approach and constant transformation. Almost 1,600 international students account for nearly 20% of the entire student body. More than 100 graduate degree programs in Czech and English are available at Mendel University. Graduates of the university are specialists in demand due to the practical orientation of training. 

University of Hradec Králové

University of Hradec Králové showed remarkable progress last year and was at #801 place in the QS Global World Rankings 2022. The university has 4 faculties, but the range of educational programs is impressive and includes economic, information and management, pedagogical, artistic and linguistic disciplines, natural and engineering, social and human sciences. Students can participate in research grants and competitions since the UHK is a scientific institution. Students may also receive essential professional and life experience while studying and working abroad because of strong international ties to institutions in over 60 countries across the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Technical University of Ostrava

The Technical University of Ostrava occupies the #1001 place in the QS Global World Rankings 2022. It has evolved from a mining engineering-focused institution to a contemporary polytechnic institution. It is now one of the major Czech and European universities, providing technical and economic education, performing applied and basic research, and supplying industry, construction, finance, and banking with the essential professional, consulting, and expert services.

Technical University of Liberec

The Technical University of Liberec, also rated #801 in the QS Global World Rankings 2022, offers more than 200 programs and 120 specializations, many of which are also English-accredited. The institution currently has over 10,000 students enrolled, 500 of which are foreigners. The university closely cooperates with industrial enterprises, which is why students have a great opportunity to receive a scholarship from the companies. 

Tomas Bata University in Zlín

Next in the ranking is the Tomas Bata University in Zlín, located on the #1001 place in the QS Global World Rankings 2022. It is the newest, but one of the most promising Czech universities, and it now has a prominent position in the country’s training of the finest professionals for various industries. It was named after the country’s well-known shoe entrepreneur Tomas Bata and provides students with the opportunity to study humanities, natural sciences, technology, and art.

University of Ostrava

Sharing the position is the University of Ostrava, established in 1991. The university is divided into six faculties, each of which prepares students in medicine, art, natural sciences, humanities, pedagogy, and social sciences, with more than 350 study programs and 134 specialties. The University of Ostrava has about 10,000 students, with 7% of them being international. It is ranked #1001 place in the QS Global World Rankings 2022.

University of Pardubice

Next on the list is the University of Pardubice, a contemporary university that bridges the gap between technical and social disciplines. The university’s transportation and restoration faculties are the most popular. Almost 7,500 students are now enrolled in three levels of study: bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. International degree students and exchange students account for over 10% of the total.

University of West Bohemia

University of West Bohemia is next up on the QS Global World Rankings 2022 list. It is located in the city of Plzen, justifiably considered the Czech Republic’s primary cultural, economic, and industrial hub, as well as the country’s fourth-largest city by population. Currently, the university comprises 60 departments of diverse orientations (technical, humanitarian, educational, legal, and others), with over fifteen thousand students. UWB focuses on research (three Research Centers and one European Center of Excellence) and holds a prominent position in higher education among Czech institutions and across Europe.

Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague

Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (UMPRUM) is the most prestigious creative educational institution in the country. Ranking #15 among Czech universities (and #2323 internationally), it has produced a number of successful graduates who have gone on to become distinguished artists. The architecture, design, fine arts, applied arts, graphic arts, theory, and history of art departments make up the school, all of which are overseen by prominent members of the Czech art scene. Every year, the school hosts around 15 exhibitions, with half of them traveling abroad. According to the QS World University Rankings, UMPRUM is in the top 50-100 art schools in the world.

Academy of Fine Arts

Another creative institution, the Academy of Fine Arts, regularly appears at the top of ranking (top 100 art schools in the world). The institution played a vital part in the establishment of a contemporary Czech culture of fine art, thanks to its rich history and heritage. With the status of a public institution, the Academy of Fine Arts is ideally positioned to provide extensive assistance for the development of creative skills. It has its own historical ateliers with overhead lighting and numerous technological workplaces. It provides a customized approach and a defined teaching system, within which students may transition between ateliers and subjects.

Whichever of the Czech republic’s top universities described above you choose, your choice will be correct. Your main objective should be to sensibly assess your inclinations, abilities, and desires. Preparing for and applying to top ranked universities will take time and effort, but it will pay off. Particular attention should be paid to language training, and here we can help.

Julie Orlow 4 March 2022

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