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Admission to creative universities
Higher education
Admission to creative universities
Prague; Czech Republic
970 hours

Preparation for admission to creative universities includes:

  • 870 hours of Czech language + 100 hours of preparation for creative tests

  • vocabulary study in art history and theory

  • museum and exhibition visits

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Who would be suitable for this programme?

If you see yourself in film, design, architecture, painting, photography or another creative profession, the programme will help you prepare and qualify for selection to Czech art academies.

What is included in the training programme?

The programme includes a Czech language course up to CEFR level B2 with basic vocabulary in the field of art (870 hours) and a specialised course of preparation for creative tests (100 hours).

As part of the creative preparation, we currently offer two courses: "Entry to Architecture and Industrial Design" and "Entry to Design and Fine Arts".

Where can I go if I pass the programme?

The programme "Entry to Creative Universities" allows you to prepare for the exams and easily enter the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, one of the most prestigious universities in Europe, as well as creative professions in technical universities (architecture, industrial design).

Teaching methodology

At Czech art academies, they experiment, search for themes and forms, and talk a lot about their art. It is difficult to enter, the competition is very high, and exams are usually held in two rounds. It is easier to enter the creative specialities of technical universities.

As part of the programme, GoStudy teachers hold information seminars and individual consultations on portfolio review and goal-setting - the choice of specialities and universities. Then students are divided into groups and prepare for creative tests: they work in an atelier, do homework and create a portfolio.

Teachers are sure to evaluate the portfolio professionally, give practical recommendations on how to improve it and recommend literature to prepare for exams and interviews.

Special attention is given to vocabulary in art history and theory. As part of their studies, students prepare essays, discuss current events, and visit museums and exhibitions.

Briefly about the teachers

Students are prepared for entrance examinations by experienced teachers from prestigious Prague grammar schools and teachers of fine arts and other arts with extensive experience in the pre-university preparation of foreign applicants.

Czech language classes are taught by linguists and native speakers. Many of them have doctoral degrees and teach at universities in the Czech Republic.

Passed the programme = Got into university

Jaya, 22, Delhi

"I tried making films while I was still in school and participated in various festivals and competitions, so there was no question of a profession - I knew for sure that I would be a director. The Prague Film and Television School FAMU is very well known in the film world, especially for the fact that students there are given complete freedom of expression. However, it's not easy to get in. I'm very grateful to the GoStudy tutors and advisors for helping me to put together and organise my work into a complete portfolio - the teachers at the exams were impressed and I was accepted at the first attempt. I'm just happy!"



Prague, Czech Republic
970 hours

➕ 870 hours of Czech language + 100 hours of preparation for creative tests

➕ Additional preparation for ARTS exams

➕ University admission support

➕ Student VISA with work permit

Payment types

You pay for the program in two stages. 50% of the cost - after signing the contract and 50% - upon arrival in the country, within 3 days after the start of training (the cost of the program remains unchanged).


You pay the full cost of the program at the conclusion of the contract (in this case you receive a 5% discount on the cost of the program).

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