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Admission to VŠCHT
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Admission to VŠCHT
Prague; Czech Republic
870 hours
  • 870 academic hours of Czech language with the study of specialised vocabulary depending on the chosen field of study

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Who would be suitable for this programme?

The programme is suitable for those who are looking for a language course that combines the advantages of a language school and a preparatory course at a public university.

What is included in the preparation programme?

The programme includes a Czech language course up to the advanced level (B2-C1) according to the CEFR (870 hours). Groups in language courses are formed according to the students' field of study (humanities, economics, medicine and chemistry, creative specialities).

Where can I go if I complete the programme?

The programme allows you to effectively prepare for entrance examinations and get into any faculty and any speciality at the Graduate School of Chemical Technology or another university - depending on the direction the student has chosen within the course.

For those who choose to enrol specifically at HSCT, the final language exam in Czech will count as a university entrance exam.

Teaching methodology

Students learn Czech as a foreign language, and as they master the basics of Czech, the programme is supplemented with vocabulary for their speciality. The teaching is supplemented by thematic units and speciality-specific presentations. This combined approach is effective in preparing for entrance examinations to Czech universities.

The course is jointly supervised by GoStudy and VŠCHT methodologists.

Briefly about the teachers

Czech language classes are taught by linguists and native speakers with extensive experience in the pre-university preparation of foreign applicants. Many of them have doctoral degrees and teach at universities in the Czech Republic.

Admission Guarantee

Ruana, 20, Delhi

"Doing a course at a particular university is great, it gives you even more confidence to get in. I was told that so many guys underestimate the difficulty of studying specifically at the Graduate School of Chemical Technology. So I decided that such a language course would be the best option. Of course, I could have applied to other universities, but chemistry is my favourite subject, so it was an obvious choice.



Prague, Czech Republic
870 hours
  • 870 hours of Czech language

  • Dual Diploma Language Certificate

  • Accelerated student visa processing

  • Comprehensive mentoring support

Payment types

You pay for the program in two stages. 50% of the cost - after signing the contract and 50% - upon arrival in the country, within 3 days after the start of training (the cost of the program remains unchanged).


At the conclusion of the contract you pay a registration fee of 500 euros. The rest of the amount (+ deferred payment fee of 100 euros) is paid before the start of the course.


When you sign the contract, you pay a registration fee of 500 euros. The remaining amount is multiplied by 10% and divided by the number of months of training. Once you have started training, you make monthly payments.


You pay the full cost of the program at the conclusion of the contract (in this case you receive a 5% discount on the cost of the program).

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