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Semester course Czech language
Semester programs
Semester course Czech language
Prague; Czech Republic
480 hours

Intensive course with GoStudy for admission to private universities and for those who already have a basic knowledge of Czech.

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The semester course includes:

  • 480 academic hours of Czech language

  • Certificate at the end of the course

Who is suitable for this programme?

An excellent option for those who:

  • already have a basic knowledge of the Czech language

  • are ready to study every day and very intensively

  • plans to apply to a private university

What is included in the training programme?

The programme includes an intensive Czech language course (5 times a week for 6 lessons), which will give you the basic knowledge to start your university studies and help you reach level B1. If you have studied the language before and are a fast learner, you can reach level B2 with the right amount of hard work.

As a rule, this course is chosen by students who plan to enter private universities - for this purpose the knowledge gained will be sufficient. After that, you can continue to study and improve your level with us or on your own.

GoStudy tutors will help you with the necessary documents, including nostrification.

Where can I go if I complete the programme?

The programme allows you to learn Czech to a confident level (B1), which is sufficient for admission to a private university. The course does not include general education subjects or counselling for creative tests at art academies.

Teaching methodology

The course is taught by teachers with extensive experience in teaching Czech to foreigners. Our teachers follow trends in education, use interactive assignments, special applications and information sources of interest to students. The programme combines communicative and grammatical methods.

At the end of the course, students take an internal exam and receive a certificate.

Briefly about the teachers

Czech language classes are taught by linguists and native speakers with extensive experience in the pre-university training of foreign applicants. Many of them have doctoral degrees and teach at Czech universities.

B1 in the shortest possible time

Neelam, 19, Mumbai

"I learnt Czech at home with an online tutor and by the time I came to the Czech Republic, I already had a good conversational command of it. So I decided that I would not spend a whole year on preparation and opted for a semester course. By the end of the course, I even passed the B2 exam, although most of my classmates only got B1.

Semester course in Prague


Prague, Czech Republic
480 hours

➕ Intensive preparation program

➕ From Czech level - A2

Payment types

You pay for the program in two stages. 50% of the cost - after signing the contract and 50% - upon arrival in the country, within 3 days after the start of training (the cost of the program remains unchanged).


You pay the full cost of the program at the conclusion of the contract (in this case you receive a 5% discount on the cost of the program).

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