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Admission to the Czech Technical University
Higher education
Admission to the Czech Technical University
Prague; Czech Republic
1020 hours

Preparation for admission to the most prestigious technical university in the Czech Republic includes:

  • 870 hours of Czech language + 150 hours of math, physics and technical terminology training

  • intensive training for passing entrance exams at a particular department and further study

  • visits to technical exhibitions, libraries, reading popular and scientific and technical literature in Czech.

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Who would be a good fit for this program?

If you want to get a quality technical education in one of the best European universities, the program "Admission to the Czech Technical University" will allow you to avoid the stress of preparation and get into the desired specialty. There is no competition for technical specialties in the Czech Republic, your task is only to successfully pass the difficult entrance exams.

What is included in the training program?

The program includes a Czech language course up to CEFR level B2 with basic technical vocabulary (870 hours) and a specialized exam preparation course (150 hours). From the second semester, intensive preparation for the mathematics exam and further university studies is carried out: classes in mathematics (50 hours), higher mathematics (50 hours) and physics (50 hours). Together with supervisors and teachers, students also visit technical exhibitions, read popular and scientific specialized literature and prepare presentations taking into account the choice of future specialty.

GoStudy alumni - current students of CHWUT - say that their knowledge of basic technical terminology and the basics of higher mathematics helps them a lot in their studies.

Where can I go if I pass the program?

The program "Admission to the Czech Technical University" allows you to effectively prepare for the entrance examinations and get into any department and any specialty at the university.

Teaching methodology

Since all faculties of ČVUT have high requirements for knowledge of the Czech language, the training program includes not only classroom lessons (5 hours daily), but also additional activities that make it easier and faster for the children to master technical vocabulary. The entertaining and playful format keeps you from getting bored and motivates you to learn everything the teachers tell you.

The entrance exam in math is very difficult. Teachers pay special attention to topics that are not covered in many schools in other countries (complex numbers, analytic geometry and others). The applicants analyze typical tasks included in the exam tests and work extensively with the database of tests from previous years.

The preparation course includes classes in math, higher math, and physics also to make it easier for students to study in their first year. Most GoStudy alumni say, "It's hard to get into CVUT, but it's even harder to study". We make it much easier.

Briefly about the teachers

Students are prepared for the entrance exam in mathematics by experienced teachers from prestigious Prague technical high schools with extensive experience in pre-university preparation of foreign applicants.

Czech language classes are taught by linguists and native speakers. Many of them have doctoral degrees and teach at universities in the Czech Republic.

Passed the program = Got into university

Samir, 20 years old, Delhi

"I chose the Czech Technical University because it is one of the best universities in Prague and in Europe in general. I decided to enroll in computer science - since high school I have been very fond of programming. However, I knew that it was very difficult to get in, and I was afraid not so much of math as of the Czech language. I realized that I would not learn it on my own. The teachers at GoStudy were wonderful! I am still grateful to them. Firstly, after a year of studying I passed the B2 exam without any problems, and secondly, I have no difficulties in lectures at the university. Of course, sometimes I don't understand some words, but it doesn't prevent me from understanding the meaning of the lecture and doing all the assignments. Now I am already in my second year. I am sure that without GoStudy this would not have been possible.



Prague, Czech Republic
1020 hours

➕ Preparation in mathematics, physics and technical terminology

➕ University admission support

➕ Student VISA with work permit

Payment types

You pay for the program in two stages. 50% of the cost - after signing the contract and 50% - upon arrival in the country, within 3 days after the start of training (the cost of the program remains unchanged).


You pay the full cost of the program at the conclusion of the contract (in this case you receive a 5% discount on the cost of the program).

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