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One year Czech course
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One year Czech course
Prague, Brno; Czech Republic
620-870 hours

Intensive one-year Czech language course with GoStudy

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A year-long Czech language course includes:

  • 560, 620 or 870 academic hours of Czech language depending on the selected tariff

Who can benefit from this programme?

A universal programme for those who have not yet decided on the direction and speciality of their studies, but are sure that they want to enter a state university in the Czech Republic on a free of charge basis, for which they will need to master Czech up to level B2.

What is included in the training programme?

The programme includes a Czech language course up to the advanced level (B2) according to the CEFR. The training takes place at the school in Prague or at the GoStudy branch in Brno. Students of the programme have the opportunity to take the Czech language state examination free of charge.

Where can I get into if I complete the programme?

The programme allows you to prepare effectively for the entrance examinations and get into any department and any speciality at a public Czech university. The one-year course does not include preparation in general education subjects or counselling for creative tests at art academies.

Teaching methods

Czech language tuition takes place every day, 5-6 lessons per day, depending on the tariff. There is no need to fear that it will be tedious and boring: students work hard in groups and complete creative assignments and projects. All grammatical topics and difficult questions are practised in practice or in game form. Teachers pay special attention to the culture, traditions and mentality of the Czech Republic and explain the difference between literary and spoken Czech, so that students feel comfortable in everyday life and quickly get rid of the language barrier.

Briefly about the teachers

Czech language classes are taught by linguists and native speakers with extensive experience in the pre-university preparation of foreign applicants. Many of them have doctorates and teach at Czech universities.

Most popular course

Garel, 19, Ulaanbaatar

"Thanks to GoStudy I got into Charles University from the first time, although the competition was serious. The year on the course was the coolest thing that happened to me in my life! A new country, new friends, an unfamiliar language which I quickly learnt to speak - everything was great. There was no difficult adaptation, I got used to everything very quickly. And I like the Czechs very much.

One year Czech course. Standard. Prague


Prague, Czech Republic
620 hours

➕ 620 academic hours of czech language study

➕ Czech language lessons - 4 or 5 lessons per day

➕ Free state exam in Czech language

➕ At the end of the course, a language certificate

One year Czech course. Premium. Prague


Brno, Czech Republic
870 hours

➕ 870 academic hours of czech language study

➕ Czech language lessons - 5 or 6 lessons per day

➕ At the end of the course, a language certificate

➕ Free state exam in Czech language

Payment types

You pay for the program in two stages. 50% of the cost - after signing the contract and 50% - upon arrival in the country, within 3 days after the start of training (the cost of the program remains unchanged).


At the conclusion of the contract you pay a registration fee of 500 euros. The rest of the amount (+ deferred payment fee of 100 euros) is paid before the start of the course.


When you sign the contract, you pay a registration fee of 500 euros. The remaining amount is multiplied by 10% and divided by the number of months of training. Once you have started training, you make monthly payments.


You pay the full cost of the program at the conclusion of the contract (in this case you receive a 5% discount on the cost of the program).

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