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Admission to medicine
Higher education
Admission to medicine
Prague; Czech Republic
1020 hours
  • 870 hours of Czech language + 150 hours of training in physics, chemistry and biology

  • intensive training for the entrance examinations for the specialities of general medicine and dentistry

  • preparation for the logic test and oral interview

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Who would be suitable for this programme?

If you want to build a career in medicine and obtain a European medical diploma, pay attention to Czech universities. Charles University has the largest selection of medical faculties. Entry will not be easy, as you will have to compete with graduates of Czech medical schools. However, after successfully completing the "Entry to Medicine" programme, it is possible to do so and become a medical student. Foreign doctors are in great demand in the Czech Republic after graduation.

What is included in the training programme?

The programme includes a Czech language course up to CEFR level B2/C1 with basic vocabulary in biology, physics, chemistry and medicine (870 hours) and a specialised exam preparation course (150 hours, 50 hours for each of the three major subjects).

As part of the programme, students are advised to take the General Aptitude Test for the Study of Medicine (taken upon admission to the 2nd Faculty of Medicine of Charles University) and an oral interview.

Where can I go if I pass the programme?

The "Entry to Medicine" programme allows you to prepare effectively for your exams and easily enter any medical faculty in the Czech Republic.

Teaching methodology

GoStudy teachers pay special attention to language preparation, as some medical faculties require a B2+/C1 level of Czech for admission. This is logical, as medical terminology is very complex. If the applicant has a poorer command of the language, he/she will find it difficult to study even if he/she is admitted.

During the lessons in core subjects, the teacher uses presentations, tests and materials in chemistry, physics and biology developed especially for GoStudy students. The students also constantly work with sample admission tests published by Czech medical faculties and study Latin terms.

Important: it is almost impossible to pass the entrance exams on your own, without professional training, and get in the first time.

Briefly about the teachers

Experienced teachers from prestigious universities prepare students for entrance exams in biology, chemistry, and physics.

Here's one of the things you can do to achieve that. You can do that and find a way to solve your problem.

Passed the programme = Got into university

Nguyen Chi Dung, 18, Hanoi

"I have always dreamed of being a doctor and studying in Europe. GoStudy advised me to apply to several faculties at once to increase my chances of admission. I knew the subjects well, but I was most worried about Latin, as I couldn't remember the names of the bones in the human skeleton. In the end, however, I passed the Czech B2 certificate and entered Charles University in two of the three faculties where I had sent an "invitation". Chose the First Faculty of Medicine, of course. Thank you, GoStudy!"



Prague, Czech Republic
1020 hours

➕ Preparing for admission tests in biology, chemistry and physics

➕ University admission support

➕ Student VISA with work permit

Payment types

You pay for the program in two stages. 50% of the cost - after signing the contract and 50% - upon arrival in the country, within 3 days after the start of training (the cost of the program remains unchanged).


You pay the full cost of the program at the conclusion of the contract (in this case you receive a 5% discount on the cost of the program).

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