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Academy of Fine Arts in Prague

Viktoriia Soloveva

2 July 2023



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Akademie výtvarných umění v Praze

AVU is one of the oldest academies in the Czech Republic. The prestigious educational institution for artists was founded in 1799.

Academy of Fine Arts in Prague

At the Academy of Fine Arts, you can get a traditional education in painting and sculpture or take a modern program “New Media”.

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  • The Academy provides training under the “Fine Arts” program.

  • The training is continuing for 6 years (4 years in the specialty “Architecture”). High school graduates are accepted. Students study for 6 years, training is not divided into bachelor’s and master’s degrees, after graduation students receive a master’s degree.

  • There is also a doctoral degree program. The time of study is 3 years.

Master’s degree specialties:

  • Painting (free art)

  • Drawing, graphics

  • Sculpture (free art)

  • Intermedial art

New media

  • Painting – restoration of paintings

  • Sculpture – restoration of sculptural works

  • Architectonic art

In the creative universities of the Czech Republic students are not engaged in academic forms of art. Teachers do not instruct students in artisanship. Work in atelier teaches the search for their own themes and forms, dialogue, and mutual exchange of ideas. Contemporary art can look whatever you want – it is important how the author thinks about it and how he can interpret his thoughts and put them into context. During studies, a great importance is attached to joint discussions. Students learn to explain the meaning of works in the context of contemporary art, history of art, and the state of the modern world.

Doctoral degree specialties:

  • Fine art

  • Restoration of fine art works

  • Architectonic art

Acceptance of applications: Applications are accepted until November, 30. Applicants must demonstrate their talent, motivation, cultural knowledge, and the ability to further creative development and theoretical understanding of their creative works. The language of studies is Czech only.

Entrance exams

The exams are usually held in two stages in January and February.

The first stage does not require the presence of the applicant. The commission reviews the portfolio of the applicants. The maximum size of works is 150 x 150 cm.

Depending on the chosen specialty, you must provide:

Painting – 15 works in the original Graphics, drawing – 15-30 works Intermedial art – you can provide both original works (drawings, paintings, objects, etc.) and documents (photos, sound recordings, video) – a maximum of 15 works New media – conceptual works using sound, electronic image, light, photography, etc., as well as works in classical disciplines (drawings, plastics) Sculpture – one portrait work (for example, from plaster) and one spatial composition, the rest sculptural works – on photos or sketches, format A0 Painting – restoration – 15-30 works containing realistic portrait drawings and figures, works in color in any techniques, drawing copies (or own works in color) Sculpture – restoration – one work in real material, the rest – on photos and drawings in the format up to A0, a description of the restoration and photos illustrating the restoration process Architectonic art – portfolio of own and joint works (at least 5 of own works), one work in the original.

The best applicants are admitted to the second stage – creative exam.

Day 1 – drawing or modeling from a model Day 2 – composition on a given topic in any technique, test for the general level of culture Day 3 – free composition in any technique Day 4 – special test from the leading teacher in the specialty and an interview

Approximately 40 applicants are admitted every year.

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