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Admission to the art schools

Vladislav Myrsin

28 June 2023



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Admission to the art schools

Czech art schools provide prestigious education in the fields of architecture, design, visual communication, liberal and applied arts. The legendary FAMU Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts and accomplished schools of contemporary art and design are located in Prague.

Having learnt the Czech language, you can study at the Czech art schools for free. We can help you in coming to Prague for an art diploma.

In the Czech Republic, education in the field of applied arts is elite, and it is difficult to be admitted to the arts fields of study. However, the program "Admission to the Czech Art Schools" is one of our most popular and shows very good results. Most of the program participants are successfully admitted to the arts fields of study.

Our program "Admission to the Art Schools" includes Czech language course with vocabulary in the arts (870 hours) and a specialized exams preparatory course (100 hours).

You can choose Czech language classes with preparation for specialized art exams or Czech language classes without preparation for art exams (you can prepare for art exams by yourself).

  • 870 academic hours of Czech language classes

  • 100 academic hours of creative training

  • Czech language classes up to CEFR B1 level by October and up to CEFR B2 level by May

  • Intensive preparation for the Czech language certificate exams (B1 and B2 - in accordance with the requirements and deadlines of admission offices)

  • Special program with vocabulary of art history and theory

  • Visiting museums and exhibitions

Training begins on July 1st

The nuance and difficulty of admission to the Czech art schools is the early deadlines of admission offices. While other Czech universities hold exams in June, art schools hold them in January. This means that foreign applicants must already have a certificate of knowledge of the Czech language at B1 level and nostrificate their educational documents by the time of submitting application in November. That's why our program "Admission to the Art Schools" starts on July 1st - two months before the training programs for other Czech universities. The program fully takes into account the requirements and deadlines of admission offices of Czech art schools. We will start preparing you for admission as early as July, so you will have time for the following:

  • by the end of November - apply to the university

  • by December/January - prepare a portfolio in accordance with the requirements of the school

  • by November - get a certificate of B1 level of Czech language knowledge

  • by January - get the nostrification of your certificate/diploma

Czech from no proficiency to the B2 level

Czech classes are daily and take 5 academic hours. The teachers are linguists and native speakers. Applications to the art schools are submitted by the end of November. Along with the application, many universities require a certificate of knowledge of the Czech language at the B1 level. The Czech language teaching program is designed in accordance with the intensive preparation for the certified B1 level exam, there is advanced practice of all standard tasks of the exam. Students start learning the language in July and by the end of October they already pass the certified exam for the B1 level. Teachers pay special attention to vocabulary in the field of art history and theory. For admission to the art field of study in the Czech Republic, it is important to take an active interest in current issues of art and design and to be able to present your point of view. As part of their studies, students prepare abstracts on various topics in the field of art, refer to the art history and discuss current issues. Intensive training allows students to come to the creative entrance exams (including an oral interview) in January with a decent grip on Czech.

"The special thing about admission to the art school in the Czech Republic is that you have to have a wide range of skills already. The design studio applicant is expected to not only make a pretty picture, but to put an idea into it. Idea and personal style are the most important things for admission"

Ksenia Borokhova, a GoStudy graduate and a student of the digital design studio at the Faculty of Multimedia in Zlin

What you should know about the Czech art academies

If you are interested in academic fields, you probably shouldn't choose the Czech Republic. Students here are involved in experimentation, searching for themes and forms, and discussions. It is important to talk about what you are doing. But not all arts fields of study are hard to apply to. You can apply to the architecture and industrial design at the departments of architecture of technical universities. A large number of students (hundreds of students are accepted) is enrolled and the competition is 2-3 people per place. It is much harder to enroll in art academies. For each specialty education takes place in the atelier and is based on individual work with teacher-masters. Students from all years work together in the same studio - with a maximum of 20 people. This means that every year 3-4 people are accepted for one specialty.

You can not choose a studio by name, it is important to research in advance what each particular atelier does, look through the work of its director and students. You have to visit universities and show your works to the leading studios.

Portfolio review and creative training

Typically, exams for the art schools are held in two stages. First, applicants submit a portfolio and do art assignments. The best ones go forward to the second stage, where they pass a test on the art history and spend a few days doing art assignments. The head of studio also interviews an applicant. Only well-prepared applicants - those who have practical skills, have their own style, their own opinion and vision, and have provided a competent portfolio - are admitted. The work with students under our program begins with information seminars and individual advice session on portfolio review and goal-setting - the choice of fields of study and universities. Then students are divided into groups, depending on the field of study and the university, and prepare for the art tests in the form of work in the studio, with review of their homeworks and portfolios.

As part of the program, teachers will describe in detail the expectations of the admissions office and explain how to create a portfolio that will make an impression.

The participant of our program receives the following:

  • assistance in choosing a field of study and a university

  • advice session on the contents of the portfolio and the requirements for its composition

  • advice session on the specifics of the art examination assignments

  • professional evaluation of the portfolio and practical recommendations for its revision and showcase

  • recommendations for the examination preparation literature

"You have to not only show your works, but also to explain your thoughts, tell them how you think. The head of the studio and the assistants need to understand that you're thinking out of the box."

Anna Craiza, a GoStudy graduate and 1st UMPRUM Architecture studio student

Areas of creative training under the program

  • "Graphic Design"

  • "Painting"

  • "Graphics"

  • "Illustration"

  • "Advertising Graphics"

  • "Photography, Advertising Photography"

  • "Industrial Design"

  • "Architecture"

  • "Interior Design, Furniture Design"

  • "Game design, the design of video games"

  • "Clothing and Footwear Design, Textile Design"

  • "Comics"

  • "Children's Illustration"

  • "Sculpture, ceramics, glass design, porcelain design"

  • "Animation, cartoon animation"

  • "Teaching. Artistic Teacher"

  • "Photography."

The descriptive geometry required for admission to "Architecture" is studied as part of the programs

Admission to the design and visual art programs Admission to the architecture and industrial design program Art directions and schools in the Czech Republic The procedure for admission to the art schools in the Czech Republic What is included in the "Admission to the Art Schools" program

In a number of fields of study the training is held in the form of studio (theoretical part, individual art, advice sessions). In a number of fields of study, the training is held in the form of the lectures. The materials are provided. As a part of our creative training, we currently offer two courses: "Admission to Architecture and Industrial Design" and "Admission to Design and Visual Art". Read more: - Admission to Design and Visual Art - Admission to Architecture and Industrial Design - Art Directions and Schools in the Czech Republic - The Procedure for Admission to the Art Schools in the Czech Republic - What is included in the "Admission to the Art Schools" program

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