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Admission to universities in the Czech Republic in English

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10 January 2024



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Up-to-date educational programs in the Czech Republic in English, easy admission, favourable tuition fees and great career prospects. Preparation program from GoStudy — your comfortable path to education in Europe!

Why the Czech Republic?

✔️ Prestigious education

The high quality of education complies with European standards and is recognised worldwide. Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is the centre of many of the oldest world-ranked universities, as well as the most prestigious technical and economic universities in Europe.

✔️ International Diploma

Charles University in Prague, Masaryk University, Czech Technical University in Prague, The University of Economics and Brno University of Technology are on the QS World University Rankings list of the best higher education institutions in the world.

✔️ Work in an international company

90% of Czech university graduates are employed at the time of graduation. Many of them work for international corporations such as Porsche, Johnson & Johnson, MSC, CISCO, Škoda, Wissner-Bosserhoff GmbH, Google, Microsoft, Siemens, Renault and McKinsey.

✔️ Opportunity to study as an exchange student anywhere in the world

You can get a grant and study for a whole semester or a whole year for free at any university in the world with Erasmus (Europe), AKTION (Austria), DAAD (Germany) programs.

✔️ Developed infrastructure

Czech cities have a convenient public transport network. This allows students to get around the city without a private car (unlike in some other countries). Students are granted discounts and privileges for travelling in and out of the city with a document confirming their studies.

✔️ Travelling all over Europe

The Czech Republic is located in the very centre of Europe, so you can plan a low-cost itinerary and visit even several countries in 7-10 days. Travelling between cities will take only a few hours and the cost of travelling will be really affordable.

✔️ A beautiful country with "revived" history

International students will be pleasantly surprised by the contrast between their home country and the unique architecture of the Czech Republic. The cobbled streets, bridges, majestic castles and green forests surrounding the country are sure to impress. Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, has more than 10 architectural styles from Gothic to Cubism. Often lectures take place on different university campuses, travelling between them will give you the opportunity to fully enjoy the beauty of Prague.

1000 euros discount on full payment

Programme by GoStudy "Admission to universities in the Czech Republic in English" for foreign students

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Affordable education

Savings in price, but not in quality! Czech universities are among the top-rated world universities in terms of quality of education and prestige of the diploma, and at the same time for a foreign student the benefit can be more than 48000 USD per year.

For comparison, the cost of a bachelor's degree per year in different countries:

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Almost all leading multinational corporations are located in the Czech Republic and they literally hunt for university graduates. Almost every week, job fairs of top companies are held at universities.

GoStudy graduates have careers all over the world: Porsche, Johnson & Johnson, MSC, CISCO, Škoda, Wissner-Bosserhoff GmbH, Google, Microsoft, Siemens, Renault and McKinsey.

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Popular preparation areas

There are 26 public and 44 private universities in the Czech Republic, which train in demanded specialities: medicine, information technology, business administration, technical specialities and many others in English.

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Forget the stress of admission

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Is university admission always a stressful and overwhelming process? Not so with GoStudy! Czech universities have transparent and affordable entry requirements. With our program you will get individual support and assistance at all stages of the admission process: from choosing a university to your first lecture there.

Make new friends

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Join the GoStudy community and embark on a journey that will help you step out of your comfort zone and explore the world like never before.

Connect with other GoStudy community members and get ready to become European students together!

Open the door to endless possibilities

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European universities offer a wide range of programs and specialisations. GoStudy experts can help you explore new areas of study and discover more interesting career paths.

  • Discover new and unique programs that are not available in your country.

  • Unlock powerful and exciting career opportunities.

  • Gain an advantage by specialising in an in-demand field.

Studying in the Czech Republic is easy with GoStudy!

With the Czech University Preparation Program in English, a foreign student will get qualified support and supervision at every stage to achieve the main goal - to get to university!

We guarantee:  

  • Expert support: our specialists are professionals with extensive experience.

  • Individual approach: the client will be selected a direction and university in accordance with his wishes.

  • Comprehensive service: consultations on education, visa, accommodation, medical insurance.

  • Support at every stage: from choosing a university to the first lecture at the university.

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What is in the GoStudy program? 🎓

  • Student visa counselling

  • Personal counselling on admission “Сhoice of speciality”

  • Webinar "Education System in the Czech Republic"

  • Webinar "Recognition of education in the Czech Republic"

  • Personal counselling "Nostrification in the Czech Republic"

  • Personal counselling “Admission strategy”

  • Webinar "Admission in the Czech Republic: Document Application, Admission to Universities"

  • Consultations and guidance on processing a student visa

  • Assistance in selecting partner accommodation in the Czech Republic

  • Meeting on arrival at the airportAssistance with settlement and adaptation in the Czech Republic

  • Assistance with insurance policy registration

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