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Admission to the University of Economics and Business

Viktoriia Soloveva

29 June 2023



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The largest university of economics in Central Europe, the University of Economics and Business, is located in Prague. You can study finance, accounting, management and business administration, arts management, and international studies here.

Our program "Admission to the UEB" will prepare you for admission and further studying.

How to be admitted to the UEB

"Foreign applicants must pass the Czech language exam in order to be admitted to the entrance exams of the Prague University of Economics and Business. The UEB does not accept any certificates and always holds its own Czech language exam for foreign applicants. You need to score at least 60% on the Czech language test. The entrance exams themselves consist of a math test and an English test (if you are applying to the Faculty of International Relations, you will have to pass another European language test). For tests samples, click here."

Our program "Admission to the University of Economics and Business" includes a Czech language course with a basic vocabulary in economics (870 hours) and a specialized exams preparation course (150 hours).

  • Total of 1020 academic hours

  • Studying Czech up to the B2 level according to the CEFR

  • Advanced preparation for the Czech language examination test at the UEB

  • Special program with a focus on economics

  • Course of vocabulary in economics

  • From the 2nd term - intensive preparation for exams in math and English

Download the brochure of the program "Admission to the University of Economics and Business"

Czech from no proficiency to the B2 level

Czech classes are daily and take 5 academic hours. The teachers are linguists and native speakers. The teachers of the program "Admission to the University of Economics and Business" pay a lot of attention to the preparation for the UEB Czech language exam.

The UEB Czech language exam includes only the lexical-grammatical part, listening and work with texts (i.e there is no essay or oral part - and in this regard it is easier than the certificated exam). The exam tests the knowledge of vocabulary in economics.

The special program additionally includes work with Czech language textbooks for economists, economics textbooks and current economics periodicals. Students meet UEB students and teachers and make presentations based on their choice of future field of study.

Preparation for the entrance exams

From the 2nd term intensive preparation for the entrance exams in math, English and further study at the UEB is added to Czech language classes. Specialized preparation consists of 3 courses:

  • math (50 hours)

  • English (50 hours)

  • economics terminology (50 hours)

"In my opinion, the arrangement of the courses was right. Additional math, English, and terminology courses began after the New Year. For about half a year we only learned Czech, and when we were already more or less able to use it, we started learning terminology and repeating subjects"

Sergey Timashevsky, GoStudy graduate and student at the Faculty of Business Administration at UEB


The goal of the course is to teach students how to solve all of the typical math assignments that will be included in the exam test quickly and correctly. During the classes, students constantly review versions of tests from previous years and work with materials from the Faculty of Mathematics at UEB.


The course is built on practicing grammar rules and the ability to use lexical units of English at the Upper Intermediate level. First of all, the ability to show existing knowledge in solving typical tests assignments is practiced.

A Course in the Economics Terminology

During the classes students expand their vocabulary with vocabulary in economics, develop their written language and oral speech understanding skills, with the emphasis on the business language. The skills of working with texts on economics topics are actively honed. The course helps you to successfully pass the Czech language entrance exam at the UEB. The knowledge of basic vocabulary in economics makes it easier for students to study later during their freshman year.

"I was fascinated by studying at the UEB from the very first days. Nothing is being forced here, you can create your own curriculum, and the teachers are very professional. They know how to make even the most boring subjects interesting. Also, you can feel the European level of education in UEB: very nice building, the classrooms are equipped perfectly

Taisia Fedorkova, GoStudy graduate and student at the Faculty of Finance and Accounting at UEB

Participants of GoStudy Summer School 2016 on a tour at the Prague University of Economics and Business

What is included in the "Admission to the University of Economics and Business" program

Read more: – What is included in the "Admission to the University of Economics and Business" program

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