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Anglo-American University in Prague

Aleksandra Baranova

19 July 2023



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Anglo-American University (AAU)

AAU is one of the leading private universities of the Czech Republic. The language of studies is English.

Anglo-American University was opened in Prague in 1990. The university has combined American and English academic approaches to learning with the traditions characteristic of the educational system of Central Europe.

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  • The university is located in the very center of Prague, not far from the Charles Bridge.

  • At the Anglo-American University, students primarily acquire practical knowledge and skills.

  • Studies are held in groups, the main emphasis is on forming students’ own independent opinion and fulfillment of their creative potential.

  • Anglo-American University has students from over 60 countries.

  • They have the opportunity to study at partner institutes in America (Hawaii and Michigan) and in Europe (under the Erasmus program).

  • After graduation, they achieve high results in business, science, politics, diplomacy, and media.

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Anglo-American University in Prague

School of Business Administration

Bachelor’s degree

  • Business Administration

  • Business Administration: Marketing and Communications Emphasis

  • Business Administration: Strategic Marketing Emphasis

Master’s degree

  • MBA

  • ARIMA: Quantitative Asset Risk Management

  • MABLIM: Business in Law and International Markets

Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences

Bachelor’s degree

  • Humanities, Society and Culture

  • Politics and Society

  • Jewish Studies: History and Culture

  • Visual Art Studies

Master’s degree

  • Humanities

  • Public Policy

Institute of International Relations and Diplomacy

Bachelor’s degree

  • Bachelor of Arts in International Relations

  • B.A. in Central and East European Studies

Master’s degree

  • Master of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy

John Kerry Law Institute

Bachelor’s degree

  • LLB (Bachelor of Law) – Graduate Entry Program Master’s degree

Master’s degree

  • LLM (Master of Law)

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Institute of Journalism

Bachelor’s degree

  • Journalism and Communications

Tuition costs

The entire course of studies under the bachelor’s degree program costs 360,000 CZK, under the master’s degree program – 276,000 CZK. The cost of the MBA program (in cooperation with the University of Champaign) is 430,000 CZK.

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