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Czech language classes

Olga Tupikova

29 June 2023



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The language school GoStudy, with the right to conduct state examinations, specializes in intensive Czech language classes for foreign students.

Teaching methodology takes into account that students from the CIS countries, due to the similarity of the Czech language to their native one, quickly gain passive skills (listening and reading), but for active skills (correct oral and written speech) they need a long-term improvement in grammar and vocabulary. The teaching is based on the communicative method, and the learning process is based primarily on the non-use of the students' native language.

GoStudy Czech language classes prepare students for studying in the Czech language at state universities or for working in the Czech Republic in their field of study.

Studies are from no proficiency to the B2 level (CEFR) under the intensive programs.

Classes allow students from most countries of the world to move to the Czech Republic and learn the national language at the level necessary for further study at a university or professional development in the optimal time frame.

The Czech language for studying

Most of our students are school and college graduates who learn the language with the specific goal of getting a higher education in the Czech Republic in Czech language for free.

For admission and further study at the university the knowledge of the Czech language at the B2 level is required. It normally takes a year of intensive preparation to reach this level. The concept of the classes is based on providing not only language, but also cultural preparation for studying at a university in the Czech language.

The Czech language courses are also suitable for foreign applicants who want to get admitted to the Czech Republic for a Master's program.

Czech language classes in Prague and Brno

You can take annual Czech language classes for admission at the training center in Prague or at the training center in Brno. At the same time, you can, of course, enter any university in the country upon completion of the classes.

Most of our students choose to study the Czech language in Prague and then get admitted to the Prague universities.

"Standard" and "Premium" annual Czech language classes

To achieve the B2 level it is necessary to complete at least 500-600 lessons. We provide training on the annual "Standard" (560-620 hours) and "Premium" (870 hours) classes.

"Choosing the class depends on what field of study and what university you want to be admitted to - which requirements the department sets for the language competence of foreign applicants. For the admission to the liberal fields of study, as well as for the admission to the leading universities (Charles University in Prague, Czech Technical University in Prague, Prague University of Economics and Business, University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague) we recommend to choose the maximum language preparation. We also recommend the maximum language preparation for Master's program applicants."

Comprehensive programs by admission directions

GoStudy language school offers comprehensive preparation programs for admission to universities in the Czech Republic, including, in addition to the maximum language course (870 hours), preparation for the entrance exams subjects (150 hours).

At our training center in Prague we provide the following comprehensive programs:

  • Admission to the Czech Technical University in Prague

  • Admission to the Prague University of Economics and Business

  • Admission to the Art Schools

  • Admission to the Medicine

  • Admission to the Charles University (to the liberal fields of study)

In all directions except the art one, it is also possible to take a comprehensive training in Brno.

You can find all of our programs and prices on this page.

Start of the classes - July / September / October / November

Our annual Czech language classes for applicants start from July, September, October and November.

In July, applicants from the art schools, in September, applicants from technical, economics, liberal and medical departments, as well as applicants of Master's programs come to our training center in Prague. They receive maximum language training.

In October and November, "Standard" program students arrive with a lesser amount of hours.

Of course, it is better to be immersed in the environment and start learning the language as early as possible. And the greater the hourly allowance for the course, the better - it provides more time to consolidate the material.

Why you should learn the Czech language in the Czech Republic

When admitting to a Czech university, it does not matter where or how you learned the Czech language. But, as a rule, to successfully prepare for the admission tests in the Czech language you need to learn the language in the country, with native speakers and intensively - 5 lessons a day for a year.

In addition, the study on the annual classes of the Czech language solves many organizational issues related to admission - nostrification of documents about previous education, the choice of university and the field of study, submitting applications to the universities, etc.

Read our blog to find out if the Czech language is difficult or not.

Qualified teachers of the Czech as a foreign language

The high quality of Czech language teaching is ensured by a strong teaching staff and methodological plans aimed at intensive teaching of foreign students from zero level to B2 level. We are very proud that we have very experienced and qualified teachers of Czech as a foreign language (including authors of textbooks, books and manuals on the Czech language, compilers of state tests, teachers of the Faculty of Education of Charles University. with a doctorate).

On this page you can find out about the teachers of Czech language classes in Prague.

The cost of language classes in the Czech Republic

Annual Czech language classes, preparing for the admission, cost from 2,700 euros to 5,000 euros - depending on the city of where you want to study (Prague or Brno) and the number of hours. There are 4 payment options, including monthly payments. Go to the "All programs" page for more information.

Comprehensive support

The comprehensive support of the admission process: visa support, support in nostrification, submitting the documents to universities and consultations on admission issues, advice sessions on everyday issues is included in the cost of the course.

At the end of the program - the state examination

GoStudy language school is accredited by the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic to hold the state examination in the Czech language. Students of our annual courses in Prague and Brno have the opportunity to pass the prestigious state examination, which corresponds to the B2 level for free.

The certificate of passing the state examination is accepted by the most of Czech departments.

GoStudy school is included in the register of schools in the Czech Republic, which means that our work is controlled by the law on education and the decree on language schools with the right to hold the state examination. The school is regularly inspected by the Czech state school inspection, which guarantees the quality of education. There are only 4 language schools in Prague that have the status of a school with the right to hold the state examinations.

Term-long classes in Prague and Brno

We also provide an intensive term-long classes beginning on February 1st (480 academic hours). They are primarily designed for applicants who want to study at the private universities of the Czech Republic.

New direction - Czech Language Classes Online + Prague

For several years we have been successfully providing a combined program where students learn the Czech language online for the first term and in-person classes in Prague for the second term.

The program shows good educational results and is a full year's preparation for admission to universities of the Czech Republic.

"Read more: Description of language classes for admission"

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