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Prague School of Creative Communication

Maksim Khan

30 June 2023



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Vysoká škola kreativní komunikace (VŠKK)

The Prague School of Creative Communication offers degrees for positions in every creative field. With guidance from practicing tutors, students learn how to become highly sought-after journalists, copywriters, PR-specialists, moderators, graphic designers and photographers.

Prague School of Creative Communication

The available courses are Bachelor's programs such as "Literary Arts", "Visual arts" and "Marketing communication".

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  • The school has strong partnerships with advertising agencies, graphic design studios and publishing houses. Students start working on real projects while still studying.

  • The education process is based on the model used in Scandinavian and British schools. Over the course of education, you not only get new knowledge and skills but also receive real-life experience and make new contacts.

  • It is the only institution in the Czech Republic that offers higher education in creative writing.

  • The duration of all the programs is 3 years. Students receive Bachelor's degrees upon graduation.

Literary Arts

The "Literary Arts" Bachelor's program includes "Creative writing" courses.

The courses are taught by famous writers, playwrights, journalists and copywriters in creative writing workshops. Students learn how to write, analyze and edit literary, journalistic or advertising texts.

Graduates become journalists, writers, playwrights, editors, copywriters, moderators and PR-specialists. The education program also includes advanced English courses. Students also study European and Czech literature, literature theory, poetics, modern Czech, history of art and culture, and the basics of philosophy and aesthetics.

Visual arts

The "Visual arts" program includes the following three courses: "Graphic and Media Design", "3D-animation and visual effects", "Photography and audiovisual arts".

Graphic and Media Design

The Graphic and Media Design studio collaborates with the Association of Communication Agencies and the Art Directors Club, which means students get to work together with leading Czech and foreign graphic designers and art directors.

The Graphic and Media Design studio is run by Prokop Sirotek, a graphic designer and art director of the MOTOR design studio, who developed the visual style for Václav Havel Airport Prague, ČSOB bank, Hypoteční banky and other major Czech companies.

Students learn to work professionally in image creation and postprocessing software and are taught online communication and branding. They also take part in the production of print and online publications and interactive projects over the course of their education.

Students are taught all the necessary drawing skills, composition principles and typography basics, the theory and history of modern art, history of graphic design and theory of visual culture.

3D-animation and visual effects

Students receive knowledge and skills needed for work in animation studios, game development and visual effects studios, and advertising companies. They start collaborating with animation and post-production studios while still only at the first year of education.

The curriculum includes mastering Nuke and Maya 3D - software used by the leading international animation studios. In addition to digital technology, students study concept art, digital art and matte painting.

Graduates then become VFX experts, 3D-animators, game designers, or motion graphics designers.

Photography and audiovisual arts

During education, you will develop your own visual style and learn how to use modern digital technology. Students are taught basic principles of work with composition and lighting, design brief basics, prepress basics and digital image and sound processing. The program also includes the history of photography and audio-visual culture. Renowned photographs run creative courses. The best students will have the opportunity to go abroad on an internship. The Prague School of Creative Communication collaborates with the New York Film Academy in particular.

Marketing and Communication

The "Marketing and Communication" program includes the following three courses: "Creative marketing", "Creative industry management" and "Online marketing".

Creative marketing

Since the program's tutors work together with the Association of Communication Agencies, students get to see the work of leading advertising companies first hand and put to the test their new skills.

Students acquire knowledge and skills in various creative disciplines (graphic arts, photography, audiovisual arts, 3D-animation, creative writing), study the latest trends in marketing communication and learn about famous advertising campaigns. Teachers help students develop their creative mindset and learn to effectively communicate in online and offline media. Some of the included disciplines are online marketing, basics of business, brand theory, market analysis, digital platforms and online trends, marketing and web analytics, start-up preparation.

Creative industry management

Students are taught the principles and practices of advertising (conventional and online formats), cinematography, television and radio. Teachers help students learn how to think creatively and outside the box, and bring their projects into life.

Students study creative industry management, commercial communication law and ethics, online marketing, basics of business, brand theory, market analysis, online trends, web analytics, media strategies and start-up preparation. Graduates work in marketing, communication, online and media agencies.

Online marketing

Students learn to use the strength of online media in commercial communication.

The program centers around studying web technologies and digital advertising formats. Students use online advertising networks, analyze user behavior on websites, study current social media trends and learn about the principles of mobile marketing and experimental technologies (virtual reality, artificial intelligence). Some of the included disciplines are online marketing, content marketing and coding basics.

Entrance exams

Entrance exams are held in the form motivational interviews with teachers and course instructors.

During such interview, a committee looks at your completed works and gets to know your plans for future projects.

Applicants for the "Literary arts" / "Creative writing" programs must submit a text of any genre and on any topic written by themselves (max. 2-3 pages). Applicants for the "Visual arts" program must bring a portfolio with their works (graphic art, photography, video, animation) to the interview.

Tuition fees

  • "Marketing and communications" - 27,000 CZK per semester

  • "Photography and audiovisual arts" - 37,000 CZK per semester

  • "Graphic media and design" - 37,000 CZK per semester

  • "3D animation and visual effects" - 42,000 CZK per semester

  • "Creative writing" - 31,000 CZK per semester

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