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GoStudy in Bratislava

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29 June 2023



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GoStudy opens a new center in the capital of Slovakia. Come to us in Bratislava to prepare for admission to the universities of the Czech Republic or Slovakia.

A simple visa process, two languages, preparation for universities in two European countries, guaranteed admission - the new program in Bratislava has many advantages.

Why Bratislava?

Bratislava is a modern and comfortable European capital. The picturesque city lies between the Danube River and the Little Carpathians, borders with Austria and Hungary, and is popular with European students.

Students appreciate the comfort, safety and affordability of living in Bratislava. It is a green city, with interesting art and culture, fabulous castles, historic architecture and quality education.

Higher education in Slovakia in the Slovak language is free.

5 reasons to choose a program in Bratislava

  • You can be admitted to universities in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Even more opportunities for admission! Our unique program in Bratislava will prepare you for free admission to both the Czech and Slovak university departments.

  • You can study the Czech or the Slovak languages

The Czech and the Slovak languages are very similar. Czechs and Slovaks have no problem communicating and understanding each other. Universities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia use both languages, which no one has difficulty with.

The Czechs and Slovaks were one nation until 1993. Then there was the peaceful dissipation of Czechoslovakia and the formation of two independent states. Close cooperation between the two nations nevertheless continues in many areas, including education. The Slovak language can be officially used at universities in the Czech Republic, and the Czech language can be used in universities in Slovakia.

  • European permanent residence permit - in 1 month

The process of obtaining student visas in most European countries is complicated. Slovakia issues visas for foreign students very quickly. Besides, students immediately receive a permanent residence permit (PRP). The PRP allows them to work part-time officially, which is very important for students.

If we compare Slovakia the Czech Republic: there are now long lines in the Czech embassy and the process of obtaining a visa can take several months, while the Slovakian PRP can be obtained in 1 month.

Besides, if after completing our program in Bratislava you will be admitted at a university in the Czech Republic, you will have no problem to get a permanent residence permit in the Czech Republic right there, without having to go back to your country.

We are implementing our program in Bratislava in partnership with Danubius University, a prestigious private university in Slovakia. Admission to a partner university is guaranteed to all program participants.

  • About our partner

Danubius University ( Vysoká škola Danubius in the Slovak language) was founded in 2004 and today has more than 12,000 graduates. The university offers Bachelor's, Master's, and Post-doctoral programs.

The university is recognized for its wide range of in-demand fields of study, modern equipment and technology, and top-ranked academic staff.

The university consists of three departments: the Faculty of Social Studies, the Faculty of Law, and the Faculty of Public Policy and Public Administration.

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