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Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague
Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague


Agricultural University in Prague - information about the educational institution. Bachelor's and Master's degrees, faculties, tuition fees, features, assistance in admission.


Prague, Czech Republic

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History of the university

The university was founded in 1906. Today, in addition to classical agrotechnical and forestry specialties, it offers promising specializations in ecology, non-conventional and renewable energy sources, economics, informatics and management. In all of these fields, the university adheres to the principles of natural resources protection.

Brief information

  • The Czech Agricultural University in Prague conducts systematic research in the so-called life sciences - physiology and molecular biology, environmental protection, forestry, environmental technology, economics and management.

  • The University offers about 150 specialties within the framework of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs.

  • The University has high-class laboratories and specialized workshops. Training includes excursions, classes in natural conditions, educational and field practice in the Czech Republic and abroad. The university has a high rate of employment of graduates. 97% of graduates immediately after graduation start working or get higher education.

  • Dozens of graduates of the Czech Agricultural University in Prague find their first job abroad.

Submission of applications

Applications will be accepted from December 16 through March 31.

Terms of study in English

In some specialties at ČZU it is possible to study in English. In this case, the applicant takes an exam in English. The tuition fee is 15,000 CZK per year.

Departments and directions

Faculty of Economics

Undergraduate Specialties:

  • Business and Management (in Czech or English)

  • Public Administration and Regional Development

  • Economic and Cultural Studies

  • Systems Engineering

  • Informatics (in Czech or English)

  • Economics and Management (in Czech or English)

  • Production Process and Economics

For all specialties the entrance examinations consist of two written tests - mathematics and English. Foreign applicants additionally take a Czech language test for foreigners at the Faculty.

In case of admission to specialties in English - English language is taken, the mathematics test is also written in English.

Graduate Specialties:

  • Business and Management (in Czech or English)

  • Public Administration and Regional Development

  • Economic and Cultural Studies

  • Economics and Management (in Czech or English)

  • European Agricultural Diplomacy (in Czech or English)

  • Production Process and Economics

  • Systems Engineering

  • Informatics (in Czech or English)

  • Project Management

Graduate Entrance Examinations:

Entrance examinations for all specialties consist of two subjects, one of which is Economics and Management.

A second course in entering the major:

  • "Production Process and Economics" - Quantitative Methods;

  • "Business and Management" - Fundamentals of Entrepreneurial Activity;

  • "Informatics" - Information Technology;

  • "Systems Engineering" - Quantitative Methods;

  • "Public Administration and Regional Development" - Humanities;

  • "Economic and Cultural Studies" - Humanities;

  • "European Agrarian Diplomacy" - English;

  • "Project Management" - Quantitative Methods. Foreigners do not have to take an additional Czech language exam when applying for a master's degree program.

Department of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources

Undergraduate Specialties:

  • Crop production

  • Livestock breeding

  • Horse breeding

  • Special animal breeding

  • Cynology

  • Animal Rehabilitation and Medical Care

  • Fish farming and aquaristics

  • Horticulture

  • Garden landscaping

  • Lawn care

  • Organic Agriculture

  • Public administration in the field of agriculture

  • Animal breeding

  • Plant cultivation

  • Plant Treatment

  • Rural Development

  • Production and ornamental horticulture

  • Product quality

  • Rational use of natural resources

  • Nutrition and Food

  • Landscape Architecture (biology test and creative exam)

  • Sustainable Use of Natural Resources

  • Agriculture and Food

Entrance examinations consist of a written test in biology and chemistry, in some specialties only in chemistry or only in biology.

Graduate Specialties:

  • Animal husbandry

  • Animal breeding

  • Animal Nutrition and Dietetics

  • Plant Production

  • Plant Nutrition and Protection

  • Plant treatment (without exams)

  • Production Horticulture

  • Garden Creativity (creative exam)

  • Landscape architecture (creative examination)

  • Plant cultivation

  • Animal Cultivation

  • Reproductive biotechnology

  • Economics in Agriculture

  • Agriculture (without exams)

  • Rural development

  • Quality of production of agricultural products

  • Waste and its utilization

  • Sustainable development of the biosphere

  • Soil quality assessment and soil conservation (no exams)

  • Organic farming

  • Nutrition and Food

  • Natural Resources and Environment (no exams)

  • Natural Resources Managment and Ecological Engineering (no exams)

  • Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security (no exams)

A written test is taken to test the ability to study for the program (the range of questions can be found on the Faculty website), and the courses and grades in the Bachelor's degree are also considered. Applicants to the specialties of Garden Creation and Landscape Architecture take a creative examination.

Technical Faculty

Undergraduate and graduate specialties:

  • Engineering support

  • Agricultural machinery

  • Transportation systems

  • Technique and technology of waste processing

  • Technological knowledge equipment

  • Entrepreneurship in the machinery market

  • Information and control technology in agrifood complex

  • Technology and Environmental Engineering

For all specialties except for "Entrepreneurship on the market of technology" there is an exam in mathematics and physics. For the specialty "Entrepreneurship on the market of technology" - a test in mathematics and foreign language (foreigners take Czech language).

Entrance examinations for the Master's program

A relevant bachelor's degree is required. The entrance exam tests the knowledge of specialized disciplines (e.g. mathematics, mechanical engineering technology, materials science, machine parts, computer science).

Faculty of Tropical Agriculture

Undergraduate Specialties:

  • Agriculture in the Tropics and Subtropics (test in biology and foreign language - Czech)

  • Sustainable Development in the Tropics and Subtropics (math and Czech language test)

Graduate Specialties:

  • Animal and Food Science in Tropics and Subtropics (Animal Production and English subject)

  • International Development and Agricultural Economics (Economics and World Geography and English)

  • Sustainable Rural Development in the Tropics and Subtropics (passes Agricultural Engineering and - Technologies and English)

  • Tropical Crop Management and Ecology (passes Plant Production and English)

  • Tropical Forestry and Agroforestry (Ecology and Biology and English)

  • Wildlife Management in Tropics and Subtropics (Ecology and Zoology and English)

Faculty of Environmental Protection

Undergraduate Specialties:

  • Applied ecology

  • Rural Settlement Studies

  • Territorial technical and administrative and management services

  • Water Resources Management

  • Territorial planning

Graduate Specialties:

  • Environmental Engineering

  • Nature Protection (in Czech or English)

  • Rural Settlement Engineering

  • Regional Environmental Management

  • Ecological modeling

  • Water in Rural Settlement

  • Land and Water Management

  • Landscape Planning

Faculty of Forestry and Timber Industry

Undergraduate Specialties:

  • Forestry (written exam in biology and math)

  • Forestry (math and physics test)

  • Economic and administrative services in forestry (math test)

  • Production Processes and Management of the Hunting Industry (Biology test)

  • Entrepreneurship in the woodworking and furniture industry (math test)

  • Animal Preservation and Taxidermy

  • Game Management (biology test and interview in English)

  • Forestry (written math test and interview in English)

Graduate Specialties:

  • Forest Engineering (examination in forest management, forest economics, forest ecology and forest typology)

  • Forest Engineering (forestry engineering exam, knowledge of properties of flexibility and strength, properties of wood construction)

  • Forestry, Water and Landscape Management (English language exam in the form of an interview)

  • Forest Engineering (English language exam in the form of an interview)

  • Tropical Forestry and Agroforestry (Biology and English interview)



Česká zemědělská univerzita v Praze Kamýcká 129 165 00 Praha - Suchdol


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