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Mendel University in Brno
Mendel University in Brno


Mendel University actively follows the trends of agricultural education in the world, introduces new promising specialities and modernises laboratories.


Brno, Czech Republic

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About the institution

Mendel University Brno is an institution of higher education in the field of agriculture and forestry with a 95-year tradition.

Brief information

  • The University of Agriculture in Brno was founded in 1919. Since 2010, the university has been named after Mendel.

  • More than 11,000 students study at its 5 faculties.

  • Mendel University is part of the scientific centre of excellence of the Central European Technical Institute.

  • The university has 70 specialised laboratories.

  • The mobility of students is regulated by agreements with the world's leading agricultural universities.

  • At Mendel University it is possible to obtain a demanded creative speciality, e.g. "Landscape Design", "Furniture Design", "Furniture Production".

  • The Faculty of Economics of the University offers its students a wide range of creative courses - "Digital Photography", "Computer Graphics", "Music", "Organisation of Exhibitions and Fairs", PR, etc.

Faculties, directions and conditions of admission

Faculty of Agronomy

Bachelor specialities

  • Agroecology

  • Waste Management

  • Food Technology

  • Phytotechnology

  • Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

  • General Agriculture

  • Animal husbandry

  • Phytopathology (plant medicine)

  • Land Consolidation and Soil Protection

  • Agricultural machinery

  • Agribusiness

  • General Agriculture

Admission is carried out without examinations - on the basis of the competition of certificates.

Master's degree specialities

  • Technology and waste management

  • Food quality and safety

  • Ecotrophology

  • Phytotechnology

  • Plant Biotechnology

  • Agricultural Engineering

  • Animal Husbandry

  • Horse breeding and agritourism

  • Feed Industry

  • Fisheries and Hydrobiology

  • Animal Biotechnology

  • Phytopathology (plant medicine)

  • Agroecology

  • Rural Development

  • Road transport

  • Agricultural machinery

  • Agribusiness

Entrance examinations

A written test is written on the subjects taken in the public examinations of the respective undergraduate programme.

Submission of applications: until 31 March.

Faculty of Forestry and Woodworking Technology

Bachelor specialities

  • Arboristics (entrance exam - OSP SCIO general prerequisites test)

  • Furniture Design (OSP SCIO, creative exam)

  • Forestry (maths and physics test)

  • Landscape Design (Maths and Biology test)

  • Natural Resource Economics of the Tropics and Subtropics (Biology and English test)

  • Forestry (Maths and Biology test)

  • Furniture Design and Manufacturing (OSP SCIO)

  • Wood Construction (Maths and Physics test)

  • Graduate specialities

  • Furniture Design

  • Forestry Engineering

  • European Forestry

  • Forestry and Landscape Management

  • Landscape Engineering

  • Forest Engineering

  • Furniture Manufacturing

  • Wood construction

Entrance examinations

The examination is taken in subjects that have been taken as part of the public examinations of the respective undergraduate programme.

Submission of applications: until 31 March.

  • Faculty of Economics

  • Bachelor specialities

  • Finance

  • Public Administration

  • Tourism Management

  • Economics and Management

  • Management in the sphere of trade

  • Social Economics

  • Economics of Agriculture and Food

  • Systems Engineering and Informatics

  • Engineering Informatics

  • Economics and Management

Entrance examinations

A maths and foreign language test is being written.

Master's degree specialities

  • Economic Policy and Management (entrance exam - Macroeconomics)

  • Economics and Management (Business Economics exam)

  • Economics and Management (exam in Business Economics)

  • Systems Engineering and Informatics (exam in Economic Informatics)

  • Engineering Informatics (exam in Engineering Informatics)

Submission of applications: for admission to Bachelor's degree - until 16 March, for Master's degree - until 13 April.

Faculty of Horticulture

Bachelor specialities

  • Horticulture (no exams)

  • Grape growing and winemaking (no examinations)

  • Quality of plant food sources (no examinations)

  • Garden and landscape architecture (creative examination, biology test, oral interview)

  • Gardening and Landscaping (biology and fine arts test, oral interview)

  • Master's specialities

  • Horticulture

  • Horticultural Technology Management

  • Garden and landscape architecture

  • Management of garden and landscape works

Submission of applications: for admission to Bachelor's degree - until 20 March, for Master's degree - until 20 May.

Faculty of Regional Development and International Studies

Bachelor specialities

  • Regional development

  • International territorial studies

Entrance examinations

A general knowledge test and a foreign language test (English or German) are written

Master's degree specialities

  • Regional Development (examination in regional economics and policy, sociology and environmental protection)

  • International Spatial Studies (exam on regional development, including problems of utilisation of natural sources, problems of developing countries)

Submission of applications: until 24 April



Mendelova univerzita v Brně Zemědělská 1665/1


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