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Palacky University in Olomouc
Palacky University in Olomouc


Palacký University is one of the main educational centres in the Czech Republic. It is a modern institution of higher education offering students a wide range of specialisations. It is a modern institution of higher education offering students a wide range of specialities.


Prague, Czech Republic

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About the institution

Palacky University was founded in the 16th century.

Brief information

  • The small Czech city of Olomouc has become a truly student-centred city thanks to its strong university.

  • More than 23,000 students study at the university's eight faculties, which is one fifth of the total population of Olomouc.

  • The university hosts festivals, conferences and concerts.

  • The university has partnership relations with many leading universities of the world.

  • Thanks to the financial support of the European Union, five research centres are being built at the university.

  • The University is the organiser or partner of many cultural events, the most prestigious of which are the Academia Film Olomouc film festivals and the Animated Film Showcase.

Submission of applications

1 November to 28 February.

Faculties, directions and conditions of admission

Faculty of Philosophy

Bachelor specialities

  • glish philology

  • English language (translation studies)

  • Androgogy

  • Archaeology

  • Archaeology

  • Czech philology

  • Czech Philology (editing and media work)

  • Chinese philology

  • History of Fine Arts

  • French in Practical Economics

  • History

  • Japanese philology

  • Cultural Anthropology

  • Musicology

  • German Philology

  • Dutch Language, Literature and Culture in the Context of Central Europe

  • Political Science and European Studies

  • Polish Philology

  • Polish Language in Economics, Management and Tourism

  • Practical Dutch Philology

  • Psychology

  • Russian Philology in the Context of European Culture and Literature

  • Russian language in the field of economics, management and tourism

  • Spanish philology

  • Theory and History of Dramatic Art

  • Ukrainian language in the field of economics, management and tourism

  • Art History

  • Journalism

  • Chinese Philology* (tuition fee in English)

  • English Philology*

Master's degree specialities

  • English philology

  • English language (translation studies)

  • Media

  • Chinese philology

  • Musicology

  • German Philology

  • History of Art

  • General Linguistics and Communication Theory

  • Political Science

  • Jewish History and Culture

  • Cultural Studies

  • Cultural Anthropology

  • Latin Philology

  • Media

  • Musicology

  • German philology

  • Dutch philology

  • General Linguistics

  • Polish philology

  • Portuguese philology

  • Russian philology

  • Sociology

  • Spanish philology

  • Ukrainian philology

  • French in Economics

  • European Studies and International Relations

  • Polish Philology

  • Practical Dutch Philology

  • Philosophy

  • Psychology

  • History

  • Russian philology

  • Italian philology

  • Spanish philology

  • Japanese philology

  • Theory and History of Dramatic Art

  • Deutsche Philologie* (English language tuition fee)

  • European Studies and International Relations*

  • Euroculture*

  • English Philology*

Entrance examinations: For Bachelor's programmes - from 1 May to 15 June. For Master's programmes - 15 June. All bachelor's degree programmes are subject to the SPF (Humanities and Social Sciences prerequisites test). For some specialities, a test on the speciality profile is also taken. For some specialisations, an oral interview is taken.

Faculty of Natural History

Admission to the following programmes is conducted without examinations:

  • Discrete maths

  • Mathematics and its applications

  • Mathematics and Economics in Banking and Insurance

  • Applied Statistics

  • Mathematics - Biology

  • Mathematics - Descriptive Geometry

  • Mathematics - Geography

  • Mathematics - Informatics in Education

  • Environmental Geology

  • Geography - Biology in Environmental Conservation

  • Applied Chemistry

  • Ecochemistry

  • Chemistry

  • Chemistry of nanomaterials

  • Biology - Geography

  • Biology, Geology and Environmental Science in Education

  • Applied Physics

  • Biophysics

  • General Physics and Mathematical Physics

  • Nanotechnology

  • Optics and Optoelectronics

  • Hardware physics

  • Molecular Biophysics

  • Computer Physics

  • Digital and Hardware Optics

  • Physics - Mathematics

  • Physics - Educational Informatics

  • Applied Informatics and Computer Science

Admission on the basis of examination is carried out in the following programmes and specialities:

  • Ecology and Sustainable Development (Geography)

  • Geoinformatics and Geography (Geography, Maths)

  • International Development Studies (Geography)

  • Regional Geography (Geography)

  • Biochemistry (Chemistry, Biology)

  • Bioinformatics (maths, chemistry and biology)

  • Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering (Biology, Chemistry)

  • Bioorganic Chemistry and Chemical Biology (Chemistry, Biology)

  • Bioinorganic Chemistry (chemistry, biology)

  • Biology and Ecology (Biology and Basic Chemistry)

  • Experimental Biology (biology and basic chemistry)

  • Molecular and Cell Biology (biology and basic chemistry)

  • Ecology and Environmental Protection (biology)

  • Optometry (physics, biology)

Faculty of Education

Bachelor specialities

  • Pedagogy - social work

  • Pedagogy - Public Administration

  • Pedagogical assistantship

  • Fine Arts (pedagogue)

  • Social work in education

  • Pre-school teacher

  • Ecology and Environmental Protection

  • German in Applied Economics

  • Special pedagogy - drama therapy

  • Special pedagogy andragogy

  • Special pedagogy for preschool children

  • Special pedagogy - communication techniques

  • Special pedagogy - orthocommunication

  • Special pedagogy for early childhood

  • Educational work

Master's degree specialities

  • Pedagogy - social work

  • Pedagogy - public administration

  • Free time management

  • Logopaedics

  • Special pedagogy

Entrance examinations: Creative examinations for the Fine Art for Teaching programme will take place on 9 April. Written, oral and creative examinations for the remaining Bachelor's and Master's programmes will take place from 15 to 16 June. For all Bachelor's and Master's programmes and specialisations, the Preliminary Aptitude Test for Teaching will be taken.

Faculty of Medicine

The training comes from the programmes:

  • General medicine

  • Dentistry

Entrance exams:

A written test is taken in physics, chemistry and biology. The test is the same for admission to "General Medicine" and "Dentistry". In case of application for both specialities, the test is taken once.

Faculty of Law

The training is in the speciality of law.

Admission is based on the test scores of SCIO's National Comparative Examinations - General Prerequisites for Study (OSP) and Foundations of Social Sciences (ZSV).

Faculty of Physical Education

Bachelor specialities

  • Physiotherapy (upon admission: 1) practical examination, 2) written test in foreign language, 3) written test in biology, physics and chemistry, 4) oral examination)

  • Applied Physical Education (at admission there are: 1) practical examination, 2) essay, 3) written test - general knowledge, 4) written test in foreign language, 5) oral interview)

  • Applied physical training (at admission you have to pass: 1) practical examination, 2) essay, 3) written test - general knowledge, 4) written test in foreign language, 5) oral interview)

  • Protection of the population (upon admission: 1) practical examination, 2) written test - human biology, 3) written test - general knowledge, 4) written test in foreign language, 5) oral interview).

  • Recreational Science (for admission, 1) practical examination, 2) written test - human biology, 3) written test - prerequisites for learning (SCIO), 4) written test in foreign language, 5_ oral interview

  • Coaching and sport (upon admission: 1) practical examination, 2) written test - general knowledge, 3) interview)

Master's degree specialities

  • Physiotherapy

  • Applied physical training

  • Applied physical training

  • Recreation Science

  • Physical Education (two specialities)

  • Physical Education and Sport

  • Coaching and management in the field of sport

Faculty of Health Sciences

Bachelor specialities

  • Nurse practitioner

  • Obstetrics

  • Assistant in Radiology

  • Physiotherapy

  • Graduate specialities

  • Nursing

  • Physiotherapy

Faculty of Theology



Univerzita Palackého v Olomouci Křížkovského 511/8


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