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Prague University of Economics and Business
Prague University of Economics and Business


The Higher School of Economics is the largest public economic university in the Czech Republic.


Prague, Czech Republic

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Place in world rankings

The Higher School of Economics (VŠE) is listed among the best universities in the world (QS World University Rankings).

About the university today

  • There are currently about 20,000 students studying at the six faculties of the university.

  • Bachelor's programmes are taught in Czech, English and Russian, Master's and postgraduate programmes in Czech and English.

  • The teaching staff of the University of Economics in Prague are leading specialists in the field of economics. The majority of teachers are employees of public authorities and private companies.

  • Students have internships in large companies: Česká spořitelna (Czech Savings Bank), Komerční banka (Commercial Bank), Škoda Auto, PricewaterhouseCoopers, HVB Bank, Deloitte, L´ORÉAL, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, etc.

  • The Higher School of Economics has almost 100 partner universities around the world, among them Cambridge University, Harvard University, Princeton University, University of Paris (Sorbonne), etc.

  • Students of the Prague University of Economics actively participate in exchange programmes and internships abroad.

  • Most of the ministers of the modern Czech government graduated from this university.

One of the best business schools in the world is in the Czech Republic

In 2017, the Faculty of Business Administration at the Higher School of Economics in Prague received EQUIS accreditation. The Faculty is now among the best business schools in the world, along with HEC Paris, London Business School, Rotterdam School of Management or the University of St. Gallen.

EQUIS accreditation is awarded to business schools with strong academic staff, quality research activities and well-established links to business practice.

For students, this means a real opportunity to go on a free exchange trip to a renowned management school. EQUIS accreditation will enable the Faculty of Business Administration at HSE to include the world's best business schools in its list of partner universities.

Submission of applications

until 30 April. The examinations take place in June.

Condition for admission of foreign applicants

Foreigners take the Czech language test, which tests their written and oral comprehension skills. At least 60 per cent of the test tasks must be completed correctly. If the test is passed successfully, the applicant is admitted to the entrance examination.

Faculties of the Higher School of Economics, directions and conditions of admission

  • Faculty of Finance and Accounting

  • Faculty of International Relations

  • Faculty of Economics

  • Faculty of Informatics and Statistics

  • Faculty of National Economics

  • Faculty of Management at Jindrichov-Hradec

Read more about each faculty:

Faculty of Finance and Accounting


  • Finance

  • Accounting and financial management of the enterprise

  • Taxation and tax policy

  • Banking and Insurance

Entrance examinations

  • written test in maths (maximum 100 points)

  • written test in English (maximum 100 points)

Faculty of International Relations


  • Tourism and regional development

  • International trade

  • International Relations - Diplomacy

  • Business and Law

  • Political Science

Entrance examinations

  • maths

  • two foreign languages of your choice (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish).

Faculty of Business Economics


  • Business economics and management

  • Management in culture

Entrance examinations

There are two examinations for admission to the speciality "Economics of Enterprise and Management":

  • maths test

  • foreign language test (English, French, German, Spanish)

There are three examinations for admission to "Cultural Management":

  • English test

  • maths and logic test

  • cultural knowledge test

Faculty of Informatics and Statistics


In the framework of the curriculum "Applied Informatics" there is training in specialities:

  • Informatics

  • Multimedia in economics

  • Information systems at the enterprise

Within the curriculum "Quantitative Methods in Economics" there is training in specialities:

  • Mathematical methods in economics

  • Socio-economic demography

  • Statistical methods in economics

  • Statistics and econometrics

Entrance examinations

There are two written tests to be taken:

  • in maths

  • foreign language (English or German)

  • Faculty of National Economy


  • Economy

  • National Economy

  • Public administration and regional development

Entrance examinations

The condition for admission is passing the written national examination for general prerequisites for studies (OSP Z exam of the Scio organisation) by 31 May.

Faculty of Management in Jindrichov-Hradec

Training is in the speciality of economics and management

Entrance examinations

  • a test of prerequisites for managerial decision-making (it tests knowledge of mathematics and the ability to operate in the mind with numbers, to think logically, to understand a text).

  • foreign language test (English, German, French, Spanish)



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Admission to Prague University of Economics and Business
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