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West Bohemian University
West Bohemian University



The University of West Bohemia is a dynamic university located in the city of Plzeň.


Prague, Czech Republic

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About the institution

Among the 9 faculties of the university, the Faculty of Design and Art of Ladislav Sutnar - the youngest higher art school in the Czech Republic - is worth mentioning.

Brief information

  • Pilsen is the fourth city of the Czech Republic, a major cultural, economic and industrial centre. It is home to Škoda, one of the largest companies in the Czech Republic.

  • The university consists of 60 departments.

  • More than 15,000 students study at bachelor's, master's and doctoral programmes.

  • The university is a major centre of science, as evidenced by the large-scale investments both in the development of the university and in the construction of the university campus. In recent years, the number of research projects carried out at the university has grown rapidly.

  • Not only researchers of the university, but also students receive prestigious awards for their work. ZCU actively participates in EU educational projects.

  • On the basis of the university there is a Science and Technology Park - a joint project of ZCU, Innovation Business Centre and Plzeň city administration. The aim is to establish close links with commercial and industrial sectors.

Submission of applications

For all faculties except the Faculty of Art and Design, applications are due by 31 March.

Faculties, directions and conditions of admission

Faculty of Design and Arts

Bachelor specialities

  • Media illustrations and didactic illustrations

  • Comics and illustrations for children

  • Graphic design

  • Visual Communication

  • Book design and paper creation

  • Illustrative Graphics

  • Painting

  • Multimedia

  • Animated and Interactive Creativity

  • New Media

  • Intermedia

  • Applied Photography

  • Sculpture and work with space

  • Ceramics

  • Product Design

  • Industrial Design

  • Metal and Jewellery Design

  • Fashion Design

  • Footwear and Fashion Accessories Design

Applications are due by 29 November

The exams take place at the beginning of January in two stages. Stage 1 - portfolio assessment Stage 2 - completion of several tasks and an interview

Master's degree specialities

  • Intermedial creativity

  • Sculpture and working with space

  • Ceramics

  • Design

  • Metal and jewellery design

  • Fashion Design

  • Footwear and Fashion Accessories Design

  • Illustration

  • Graphic Design

Applications are due by 30 April

Faculty of Economics

Bachelor specialities

  • Trade management

  • Business economics and management

  • Project Management Systems

  • Information Management

  • Economics and Regional Geography

Entrance Examination: the National Comparative Examination - Prerequisites to Study Test (OSP) is taken.

Master's degree specialities

  • Business economics and management

  • Project management systems

  • Information management

Entrance examination: a written test in the speciality's core subjects is taken

Faculty of Applied Sciences

Bachelor specialities

  • Applied and engineering physics

  • Financial Informatics and Statistics

  • Geomatics

  • Informatics

  • Information systems

  • Intelligent Systems

  • Cybernetics and Control Engineering

  • Mathematics and Finance

  • Mathematics in Natural Sciences

  • General Mathematics

  • Computer Modelling

  • Computer Control of Machines and Processes

  • Civil Engineering

  • Systems for Identification, Security and Communication

  • Territorial Planning

  • Computer Science

  • Calculations and design

Entrance examinations: The Faculty primarily recruits on the basis of the results of the National Comparative Examination in Mathematics (a minimum of 70% is required). The second option is to participate in the school certificate competition.

Master's degree specialities

  • Applied physics and physical engineering

  • Applied Mechanics

  • Computer Systems

  • Distribution Systems and Computer Networks

  • Structural Dynamics and Mechatronics

  • Financial Informatics and Statistics

  • Geomatics

  • Information systems

  • Intelligent Computer Systems

  • Cybernetics and control engineering

  • Mathematics

  • Mathematics and Management

  • Mathematical Engineering

  • Computer Graphics and Computer Systems

  • Software Engineering

  • Civil Engineering

  • Management and Decision Making Systems

  • Mathematics teaching in secondary schools

  • Calculus and design

Entrance examinations: Admission is without examinations based on the Bachelor's degree competition. The applicants who did not pass the competition may take an oral interview examination in their speciality.

Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Bachelor specialities

  • Electronics and telecommunications

  • Electrical engineering and power engineering

  • Commercial Electrical Engineering

  • Environmental Engineering

  • Applied Electrical Engineering

Admission is without examinations, based on the competition of school certificates.

Master's degree specialities

  • Electric power engineering

  • Electronics and applied informatics

  • Nuclear Power Engineering

  • Commercial Electrical Engineering

  • Industrial Electronics and Electromechanics

  • Technical Ecology

  • Telecommunication systems and multimedia

Admission is without examinations - on the basis of the Bachelor's degree competition. It is also possible to take an oral examination.

Department of Philosophy

Bachelor specialities

  • Archaeology

  • Middle East Studies

  • Foreign Languages in Business English - French

  • Foreign languages in business English - German

  • Foreign languages in business English - Russian

  • Philosophy

  • Humanities

  • International Relations - English and American Culture

  • General History

  • Political Science

  • Sociology

  • Social and Cultural Anthropology

  • Czech History

  • Master's specialities

  • Analytical Philosophy and Philosophy of Science

  • Anthropology

  • Archaeology

  • Middle East Studies

  • European Cultural Studies

  • International Relations

  • Modern History

  • Political Science

  • Sociology

  • Social and Cultural Anthropology

  • Theory and Philosophy of Communication

  • French language teaching in secondary schools

Entrance examinations for Bachelor's and Master's degree specialities are written tests on the speciality.

Faculty of Law

Master's degree specialisation (continuing education)

  • Law (5 years of study)

  • Bachelor speciality

  • Public Administration

Entrance examinations for both specialisations: National Comparative Examination, a prerequisite test.

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Bachelor's programme

  • Mechanical Engineering

Enrolment is without examinations - by competition of certificates

Master's degree specialities

  • Materials engineering and mechanical metallurgy

  • Mechanical engineering technology - machining technology

  • Construction of energy machinery and equipment

  • Construction of production machinery and equipment

  • Industrial Engineering and Management

  • Transport Engineering and Material Handling Equipment

  • Construction of medical equipment

  • Construction of nuclear power equipment

Admission is without examinations - by competition of undergraduate diplomas.

Faculty of Medical Research

Bachelor specialities

  • Health care

  • Ergotherapy

  • Physiotherapy

  • Community Health Promotion and Support Assistant

  • Radiology Assistant

  • Public Health Nurse

  • Medical laboratory technician

  • Emergency Medical Technician

  • Graduate specialities

  • Nursing

The entrance examination for all majors except medical laboratory technician consists of 50 test questions relating to human biology.

Faculty of Education

Bachelor specialities

  • Preschool and extracurricular pedagogy

  • Physical Education and Sport

  • Natural sciences

  • History

  • Specialisation in Pedagogy (Music; Visual Culture; Czech; Russian; German; Psychology; English)

Entrance examinations: written tests in major subjects, applicants of creative specialities take a creative examination, applicants of the speciality Physical Education and Sport take a practical examination.



University of West Bohemia in Pilsen Univerzitní 22 301 00 Pilsen


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