Living in the Czech Republic has a huge amount of upsides, and within that is the cost of living.

Whilst it can vary depending on where in the country you choose to study, the Czech Republic as a whole will set you back much less to live, work, study and explore in comparison to most other countries across Europe.


One of the things that you may be interested in is how your weekly shop is going to compare. Whilst many student programs include meals, if you’re going to be preparing food yourself, you can expect to pay around 30 to 50 euros per week, depending on the items you purchase.

Alcohol is reasonably cheap to buy from shops and supermarkets, especially if you choose more local brands. 

Eating out

There is a huge range of restaurants on offer across all the major cities in the Czech Republic so you will never be short on choice. Whether you choose to try traditional food or something from further afield, you can pick up a meal for as little as 5-10 euros per person. 

There are, of course, more premium options if you want to try something a bit more special, but most are unlikely to break the bank

Original Czech dumpling with goulash and draft pilsner beer.


The Czech Republic is well known for its historical background, and with this comes a massive list of things to see and do.

Students can often benefit from discount offers, meaning you can take advantage of the sights for a discounted price.

As a general example, cinema tickets are usually between 3-6 euros and you can visit your local swimming pool for around 2 euros.


The transport in the Czech Republic is second to none, with a huge infrastructure connecting all the major cities and allowing you to explore the area where you live.

You can usually pick up a single-way travel ticket for around 1 euro, or day passes for about 4 euros. You will also be able to pick up monthly or yearly pass ticket options for a discounted rate if you need to use transport regularly for studying or working. 

If you’re looking to study in an area filled with culture, fun, beautiful scenery, and interesting people, the Czech Republic should be firmly at the top of your list.

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