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Everything about going to Czech driving schools

Olga Tupikova

1 July 2023



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A driver's license in the Czech Republic is not a luxury but a useful document. The ability to drive a car will not only make moving from one rented place to another easier, but will also allow to see the pristine nature of the Republic's most remote parts as well as visit the neighboring countries. Alexandra Baranova, the author of the GoStudy blog, will explain how a foreigner can get a driver's license in the Czech Republic.

A person can sign up to a driving school no sooner than 18 months before reaching the age set for specific driving license categories. Let's say you want to get the category B license (passenger cars). You must be at least 18 years old to get the license, so you can start attending a driving school 18 months before your birthday. Motorcycle licenses, however, are issued only to those above 24 years old, although there can be exceptions, too. Such age-related exceptions can also be made if the person needs a driver's license for studying or for work. For example, you're studying civil engineering in a community college and, in order to pass the exams, you need to know how to drive a vehicle, among other things.

You'll also need to fill in an application and submit a physician's opinion, obtained no later than three months ago and confirming that you're fit to drive a car, in order to sign up for a driving school. Besides, you must also have a PRP or a PPR in the Czech Republic and not be restricted from driving a vehicle by a court order or an administrative ruling.

Studying process in the driving school

Tuition fees in driving schools are growing year after year: at the beginning of 2022, the fees range from 14 to 20 thousand CZK (570-820 euros as of 23.01.22). An intensive driving course in Prague may cost almost as much as 34 thousand CZK. By comparison, the average tuition fee future drivers paid in early 2019 was about 10 thousand CZK and in 2020 - about 14 thousand CZK. The price hike is caused by the increased prices for cars, gas and maintenance. But despite some students having to pay for the classes by instalment, Czech driving schools remain among the most affordable in Europe. For example, driving classes in Germany may cost up to two thousand euros.

Foreigners have the same right to go to Czech driving schools as locals. If you don't have a PPR at the start of the class, you'll have to confirm permanent residency in the Czech Republic within 180 days. In order to do that, you'll need to submit one of the following documents:

"Proof of study in a secondary school, a university-preparatory school, a university or any other educational institution. It's assumed here that you're a full-time student since remote programs don't require your physical presence in the Czech Republic.

Proof of employment. Again, it's a viable option for those who work in an office officially, not for the remote workers.

Lease agreement. If you live in a student dormitory, the dormitory administration will provide you with the agreement. If you attend a language school or take courses that provide accommodation, ask the school administration for the agreement.

Bank statement.

Extract of land registry. This is only viable for those who own real estate in the Czech Republic."

"The exact requirements for admission to a specific driving school may differ and have to be checked separately.

Driving lessons for a category B license take 2-3 months in a driving school. Theory classes don't differ much from school lessons: students listen to lectures, during which they learn traffic law and car construction and analyze complex road situations.

The practical part starts with training on a simulator, after which students get behind the wheel of a real car under the supervision of the instructor. The minimum number of hours for learning driving skills is 28 hours. If a student is not confident in their skills, they can take additional driving classes."

Driving schools only provide driving lessons, they don't issue driver's licenses. In order to get the license, you need to submit an application to a municipality with extended powers (obecní úřad s rozšířenou působností in Czech) within six months after completing your classes and passing the exams. You must also append a photo, an ID, a medical clearance, the driving school admission application and the examination records to the application as well as pay the state fee.

How to pass the exam?

"Once your driving lessons are over, you'll need to pass the final exam at the transport department of the municipal administration. The driving school staff submit the list of the exam applicants.

The exam consists of a theoretical part and a practical part. If a future driver has failed the theory test, they are not admitted to the driving exam. The cost of registering from the exam and retaking its part may vary (depending on the driving school)."

In order to pass the exam and get the driver's license, you should remind yourself that a driving exam is pretty much the same as any exam in school or university. Therefore:

"Don't try copying answers from people nearby or checking the notes on your phone when taking the written test. If you are so much as suspected, you'll be immediately removed from the exam and your exam result will be marked as ""failed"".

Learn the test questions and answers well.

Arrive to the exam on time and neatly dressed. Do not provoke anyone with your appearance: for example, if you have expressive tattoos, cover them with clothes.

Don't bring your partner, parents or friends to the exam for support. Their worries will hardly make you more confident.

Poor language skills can also be an obstacle to getting a driver's license."

Author's advice Young people in the Czech Republic already plan to get a driver's license when they are still 18 years old. It's especially true for those who live in small towns and remote settlements, where a car is a must. Cars are not needed as much in Prague, you can move freely using the public transport if you live, study and work within the city limits. If you have a driver's license, you don't need to buy a car: carsharing is widespread in the Czech Republic. According to local drivers, renting a car from time to time is cheaper than owning a car: you only spend money on gas but not on maintenance or tyre change. If you have come to the Czech Republic with a driver's license, you should replace it with a Czech license. For that you'll need to go to a municipality. The Municipality of Prague Vehicle and Driver Registration (Na Pankráci 1685/17,19 Prague 4) issues driver's licenses in Prague. The license replacement is done for free within 20 days. In addition to the driver's license, you'll also need to submit your international passport or a PRP confirmation and a proof of residence in the Czech Republic.

To sum up, do you need a driver's license in the Czech Republic?

Getting a driver's license in the Czech Republic is not easy, but it is possible. The key to success is to find a good driving school with professional instructors who don’t just do it for money, but actually teach something. The practical part of the exam is more difficult than the theoretical one, but if you fail, you can retake it. Here, a novice driver will feel more comfortable on the road than in many others, because Czechs generally drive safely, are careful and friendly on the road. It is normal to have a driver's license at 18 years old in the Czech Republic.

If you have a Czech driving license, you have more freedom in a sense. When you move, not only is it easier to transport your belongings to a new rental apartment, but it also opens up new travel opportunities. Car travel in the Czech Republic and Europe allows you to discover interesting places that cannot be reached on foot or by public transport.

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