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Unicorn University in Prague

The Unicorn University (UU) is a private university dedicated to educating the best experts in the disciplines of Information Technology, Data Science, and Business. Since 2007, the institution has been offering full and part-time bachelor’s and master’s degree programs that have been accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports. UU is also one of the universities in Czech Republic providing degrees in English and in Czech.


  • A key partner and owner of the college are UNICORN, the largest Czech corporation providing complete information system and communication technology services. UNICORN provides the college with a strong foundation, stability, and years of practical experience in business, and technology, thanks to its access to cutting-edge technology and seventeen years of expertise in the ICT area. 
  • According to uniRank, Unicorn University is one of the country’s top 35 educational institutions.
  • With an acceptance rate of 55 %, this Czech higher education school is considered to be somewhat selective. Applicants from all around the world are welcome to apply.
  • At both the bachelor’s and master’s levels, the university provides full-time, part-time, and online study programs.
  • The campus of the University is located in the metropole of Prague and is spread out among three sites. The main building in Žižkov is close to the scenic Parukářka park. The new Vysočany campus fits all of the criteria of a contemporary college, including large open areas for work, a kitchen, and small dedicated rooms for making private calls without bothering other students. The Unicorn Company head office in Prague 7 also offers several classes for bachelor’s degree students to acquaint themselves with the corporate setting. 
  • Students can use web applications for each subject that were created in-house to increase engagement, availability, and overall study appeal.
  • Unicorn College in Prague does not maintain its own student housing facilities, however, it does provide students with a variety of possibilities. Thanks to an arrangement UU has with larger universities, students can apply for housing in several dorms, including accommodation in the heart of Prague.
  •  As students receive expertise in their industry from the start, UU graduates have a plethora of work prospects. Long-term collaborations like Microsoft, KPMG, Allianz, and Komerční banka take the form of lectures by selected professionals and internships.

International cooperations

Unicorn University has long emphasized long-term collaboration with universities in Asia, North and South America, and Europe under the Erasmus+ program. As a result, they enable students to engage in one or two semesters of study exchange stays.

The exchange program expenses are reimbursed by the UU’s tuition fees for both the Erasmus+ program and partner institutions outside of Europe. Exchange students also get a monthly stipend from the European Union to help them cover their living expenses during their stay.

Unicorn University’s partner universities include, but are not limited to:

  • University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt, Germany
  • The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands
  • Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Finland
  • Kedge business school, France
  • EPITA School of Engineering and Computer Science, France
  • Haute Ecole EPHEC, Belgium
  • Manchester Metropolitan University, Great Britain
  • Graceland University, USA

Study programs

Bachelor Study Programmes (Ing.)

Software Development 

The program will teach you how to build powerful software applications using contemporary programming languages, as well as software development principles, the entire process of software development, and software project management.

Analysts, business architects, developers, software architects, configuration managers, database professionals, and IT consultants are among the professions in which the graduates excel.

  • Possibility to study in Czech and English
  • Full- and part-time or online
  • Length — 3,5 years
  • Tuition fee — 2700 EUR /year full-time study in Czech; 3700 EUR /year full-time study in English; 2300 EUR /year part-time study in Czech; 1900 EUR /year online study in Czech.

Business Management

The students of the program can maintain managerial positions, discover how contemporary marketing is done, get closer to the financial industry, and obtain the skills needed for their own business. The graduates have found success in management jobs at the lower and middle management levels. Furthermore, they work as marketing and HR professionals, as well as accountants and tax advisors.

  • Possibility to study in Czech and English
  • Full- and part-time or online
  • Length — 3,5 years
  • Tuition fee — 2700 EUR /year full-time study in Czech; 3700 EUR /year full-time study in English; 2300 EUR /year part-time study in Czech; 1900 EUR /year online study in Czech.

Follow-up Master Degree Programmes (Ing.)

Software Engineering and Big Data

The program provides knowledge on the design of robust applications, comprehension of complex artificial intelligence algorithms, dealing with Big Data, and creating IoT solutions. You will utilize the computer language R in class, which is primarily intended for statistical analysis and graphic interpretation of the results. Graduates work as software architects, big data specialists, and data analysts, but they’re also qualified for managerial roles. Graduates receive valuable skills that will enable them to start their own business or pursue post-graduate courses.

  • Possibility to study in Czech
  • Full-time
  • Length — 2,5 years
  • Tuition fee — 2700 EUR/year 

Applied Economics and Data Analysis

Applied Economics and Data Analysis is a master’s degree program that teaches how to analyze and assess data, utilize socioeconomic indicators, and employ economic models, among other things. The graduates of the program work as data analysts, Business Intelligence professionals, and economists, but they’re also qualified for managerial roles on the highest level.

  • Possibility to study in Czech
  • Full-time
  • Length — 2,5 years
  • Tuition fee — 2700 EUR/year 

Double Degree (Unicorn University & University of Applied Sciences Würzburg Schweinfurt) (Bc.)

Double degrees (also known as Dual Diplomas or Joint Degree Programs) are excellent methods to maximize the educational experience while saving time and money. Students selected for study can acquire two formal degrees upon completion of the program, according to an arrangement between the two universities. Students attend the university in Bavaria for two semesters (2nd year of study) and graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management (Unicorn University) and International Management (FHWS).

  • Tuition fee — 3 500 EUR/year 

Admission procedure

  • Apply online
  • Check if you have all the documentation needed:

A) Graduation certificate or nostrification clause of secondary education;

B) Certificate in English — the minimum required level is B2 (CAE — min. 160 points; TOEFL — min. 72 points; the validity of the certificate must not exceed 5 years);

C) The filled questionnaire, explaining your motivation to study.

  • An interview, which is used to determine the applicant’s motivation and expectations, as well as his or her level of English language proficiency. The interview will take about 20 minutes to complete and can be placed online.
  • In case of acceptance, you will be required to sign the study agreement.
  • Registration is the last and most critical step. You will be provided access to the university information system, your photo will be taken for your student ID, and the staff will help you choose your course subjects throughout this procedure.