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Learn Czech and extend your visa easily!

Learn Czech and extend your visa easily!

Intensive language courses that are suitable for extending your study visa in the Czech Republic

99% student satisfaction
Accredited by the Ministry of Education
Type of visa studium or ostatní

Why choose our Czech language courses?


Lowest price among similar courses

Compliance with all visa extension requirements of the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic

Experienced teachers

Flexible schedule: your class schedule is comfortable so you can work part-time, study for exams or just enjoy the Czech Republic, Europe and being a student.

Small classes: individualized approach for better learning.

Courses from GoStudy that are suitable for visa extensions

Lowest price
Visa course ostatní (99)
18 000Kč /yearPrague
Course for visa studium (23)
28 000Kč /yearPrague
Course for ostatní visa (99)
22 000Kč /yearBrno
Course for visa studium (23)
34 000Kč /yearBrno
At the GoStudy office, you can also take out medical insurance for a year, which is important when renewing your visa.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about courses suitable for visa extensions.

Do the courses meet the visa requirements?

Yes, all of our courses are accredited and meet the requirements for visa renewal.

What should I do if I already know Czech?

You will be assigned to a group according to your level.

How does the course end?

At the end of the course you can take a Czech language exam and receive a certificate for the appropriate level.

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