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Pan-European University
Pan-European University

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Pan-European University (PEU) in the Czech Republic offers students a unique opportunity to get a quality paid education in the center of Europe.

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Prague, Czech Republic

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About the institution

The university offers about 20 study programs. The aim of the institution is to prepare students for their future career so that reality does not diverge from dreams.

The University is known for its international approach to learning, close cooperation with leading industrial companies and high standards of academic education. PEU students have access to state-of-the-art teaching resources, innovative laboratories and internship opportunities in Europe and beyond.

Brief information

  • Pan-European University in the Czech Republic actively participates in the Erasmus+ program, providing students with the opportunity to study and intern in other European countries.

  • The university has partnerships with more than 50 international universities, which facilitates knowledge exchange and cultural interaction.

  • The university organizes many scientific conferences and seminars where students can present their research and projects.

The university has branches in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The Czech branch of the university includes two faculties.

Study programs in English

Bachelor's degree

  • Air Transportation

  • Entrepreneurship and Management

  • Tourism

Faculties, directions and conditions of admission

Faculty "Higher Trade School"

Students attend classes 3-4 days a week, day and blended learning is available.

Bachelor's degree

  • Tourism (in English)

  • Flying traffic

  • Local and global economy

  • Digital Economy and Society

  • Human Resource Management

  • Air Transport Management (including specialization in Unmanned Systems - Drones) (in English)

Master's degree

  • Air Transport Management and Operation (specialization "Airline Management")

  • Economics and Service Management (specializations "Tourism" and "Digital Economy").

Faculty of the Higher School of Entrepreneurship and Law

Bachelor's degree

  • Research in the field of security

  • Business and Management

  • Marketing Communications

  • Business and Marketing Management

  • Accounting, Tax Control and Controlling

  • Financial Management

  • Law in Applied Practice (specializations "Law in Business" and "Law in Public Administration")

Master's degree

  • Business and Management

  • Marketing Communications

  • Legal and business research

Doctoral studies

  • Business and Management

*The list of study programs, tuition fees and admission conditions may change from year to year, we recommend checking this information on the university/faculty website.

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Spálená 76/14, 110 00 Nové Město

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