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Free online resources to prepare for entrance exams

Here is a list of recommended online resources in Czech that will help you prepare for admission to Czech universities.

With the full-time education temporarily suspended, the entrance exams are still a thing (although the dates are likely to be changed). Therefore, continue to study. Some Czech providers now offer their courses and materials for free during lockdown period only.


To prepare for exams in mathematics, chemistry and physics, we can recommend the isibalo.com portal. There are many videos in the Czech language with explanations as well as tasks and tests.


Textbooks, tests, and other useful materials in biology, physics, mathematics, and the Czech language are available for free at Nabla.cz.


For those who have to study chemistry, Prvky.com site with an interactive table of chemical elements will be useful.

Drill & Skill

Another good resource for those needing chemistry. This website allows 2 months free access: www.drillandskill.com

Free courses on subjects

During the school closures, redmonster.cz portal provides its courses for free. Here you can study Czech language, literature, physics, social studies and history.

Modern history

The moderni-dejiny.cz portal contains high-quality materials that will be useful to those who need to prepare for history and social sciences exams.

Khan Academy

More than 3000 educational video lectures are available on the website cs.khanacademy.org.

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing quality learning materials to everyone for free. There are materials in Czech, primarily in mathematics, organic chemistry, and computer science. Recently Khan Academy released a Czech version of their free mobile app.

Also on the sister site Khanovaskola.cz there are materials in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, economics, history and art history.

Alina Baeva 25 December 2020

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