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Online resources in Czech – for preparation for the entrance exams

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2 July 2023



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We are bringing you a list of recommended online resources in Czech that will help you prepare for admission to Czech universities.

In-person learning has been temporarily put on hold, still the entrance exams remain on the horizon (although the dates of the entrance exams are likely to be shifted). Therefore, we continue our preparation, besides, some of the Czech paid services are now providing their classes and materials for free, for the duration of quarantine.


We can recommend that you use this website - to help you prepare for exams in mathematics, chemistry and physics. Here there are plenty of videos in Czech taking you through different topics of the subjects, as well as problems and tests.

Textbooks, tests and other useful materials on biology, physics, mathematics and the Czech language are available for free on this website -

The website that contains an interactive table of chemical elements will come in handy for those taking a chemistry exam upon admission.

Drill & Skill

Also for chemists – here`s a website with practice tasks -, which offers a 2 month free trial period.

Free subject classes

For the duration of the school shutdown, this website - offers its classes free of charge. Here you can study Czech, literature, physics, social studies, history.

Modern history

High-quality materials useful to those who will need history and social sciences upon admission are presented on this website -

Khan Academy

More than 3000 educational video lectures are available on this website -

Khan Academy is a non–profit organization whose goal is to provide high-quality educational materials to everyone and completely for free. Here you can find materials in Czech, primarily on mathematics, organic chemistry and computer science. The Czech version of the free mobile application Khan Academy has recently been released.

Also materials on mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, economics, history and art history are available on the sister website -

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