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The largest student portal primát.cz is a real lifesaver for every higher education student in the Czech Republic. Here you can find educational materials of all types, cheat sheets and answers to exam questions, reviews of certain subjects and professors by senior students, textbooks for sale, other sale offers and so on.

The portal uses bananas as currency. You need to exchange your bananas in order to download the required files. You can get bananas upon registration and every time you log in, you earn bananas for comments and evaluation, i.e., for activities on the portal, or you can just buy them.

The main benefit of PRIMÁT is that here you can find information and contents virtually from all of the Czech universities.


Access to the educational materials is probably the most useful feature of the portal. Each resource is evaluated by students, who already had a chance to download and use it. So the probability of downloading something which is not useful is very low.

Review of universities and faculties

This section helps potential students choose the right school for them.

Review of subjects and professors

This is very useful information for students, for example, for organising their schedule. Here you can find advice on which seminar to sign up for, which elective subject to choose and so on.


Announcements are divided into two sections. One lists all of the available study books for sale and the other section is a place where you can look for a roommate in rental apartments.

Welcome to the jungle www.primat.cz

Asya Gridneva, a student of the University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague

Alina Baeva 17 February 2021

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