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How to become a teacher in the Czech Republic: departments and admission conditions

Viktoriia Soloveva

2 July 2023



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"A teacher is one of the most in-demand professions in the Czech Republic and in Europe as a whole.

Education departments in the Czech Republic attract the best students. The reason being that teachers in the Czech Republic are generally well-paid and this profession enjoys social prestige. According to sociological studies, this is one of the most respected professions in the Czech society." "Teaching is a creative job that is both meaningful and can bring professional satisfaction – if the teacher sees that their students are genuinely interested during class and are learning new things.

Another big advantage of working as a teacher is the highest number of vacation days. Doing any other job, you will only have 20 vacation days, whereas the teachers are off during summer break, autumn break, Christmas break, spring break and Easter break."

If you are interested, we are going to tell you how to become a teacher in the Czech Republic.

Education departments of the Czech Republic

Teacher education in the Czech Republic can be obtained at nine education departments. The Faculty of Education of the Charles University and the Faculty of Education of the Masaryk University in Brno are recognized as the best of them. The chances of admission are 30 to 50%.

Admission statistics for the education departments of the Czech Republic:

  • Faculty of Education of the Charles University – 39.7%

  • Faculty of Education of the Masaryk University – 49.3%

  • Faculty of Education of the University of Ostrava – 35.4%

  • Faculty of Education of the University of Hradec Králové – 53.1%

  • Faculty of Education of the Palacký University – 50.5%

  • Faculty of Education of the University of South Bohemia – 59.8%

  • Faculty of Education of the Jan Evangelista Purkyně University – 71.6%

  • Faculty of Education of the University of West Bohemia – 73%

  • Faculty of Science, Humanities and Education of the Technical University of Liberec – 75.9%"

The objective of the education departments is to train teachers for all types and levels of schools, to train specialists and scientific researchers in pedagogy, educational psychology and didactics.

Educational programs at other departments

"Teacher education in the Czech Republic can be obtained not only at the education departments. Thus, at the Charles University, teacher training is provided by the Faculty of Arts (the Philosophical Faculty), the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics and the Faculty of Physical Education.

For example, at the Faculty of Arts, you can study at the ""English Language and Linguistics"" program and pass the pedagogical minimum, thus becoming a qualified English teacher. This is an option for those who are more interested in the subject itself (or for those who are not entirely sure they want to become a teacher).

If you are primarily interested in teaching methods, then, of course, focus on the education departments."

How to become a qualified teacher in the Czech Republic

"As a rule, in the Czech Republic, studies at the education departments are carried out in two subject specializations at once within the framework of the same program – for example, ""Teaching English – Teaching Mathematics"". The teachers who can teach two different subjects are more in demand.

Bachelor's program lasts for 3 years. The bachelor's program trains day-care centers teachers, special education teachers, psychologists, secondary school teachers. Bachelor's degree certificate does not yet provide a teaching qualification.

To qualify as a teacher, you must continue your studies in a 2-year Master's program. The Master's program graduate is now fully qualified to be a secondary school general education teacher.

If you want to become a primary school teacher, then in the Czech Republic they study continuously for 5 years before receiving the Master’s title."

Subject specializations offered by the bachelor’s program at the Faculty of Education of the Charles University:

  • "English Teacher – Czech Teacher

  • English Teacher – French Teacher

  • English Teacher – Music Teacher

  • English Teacher – IT Teacher

  • English Teacher – Mathematics Teacher

  • English Teacher – German Teacher

  • English Teacher – Pedagogy

  • English Teacher – Russian Teacher

  • English Teacher – Art Teacher

  • English Teacher – Social Studies Teacher

  • Biology, Geology and Environmental Studies Teacher – Chemistry Teacher

  • Biology, Geology and Environmental Science Teacher – History Teacher

  • Biology, Geology and Environmental Studies Teacher – Physical Education Teacher

  • Biology, Geology and Environmental Studies Teacher – Health Teacher

  • Chemistry Teacher – IT Teacher

  • Chemistry Teacher – Mathematics Teacher

  • Chemistry Teacher – Health Teacher

  • Czech Teacher – History Teacher

  • Czech Teacher – French Teacher

  • Czech Teacher – Music Teacher

  • Czech Teacher – German Teacher

  • Czech Teacher – Russian Teacher

  • Czech Teacher – Special Needs Teacher

  • Czech Teacher – Art Teacher

  • History Teacher – French Teacher

  • History Teacher – Geography Teacher

  • History Teacher – Music Teacher

  • History Teacher – German Teacher

  • History Teacher – Social Studies Teacher

  • French Teacher – Pedagogy

  • French Teacher – Social Studies Teacher

  • Music Teacher – Instrument Teacher

  • Music Teacher – Choir Teacher

  • IT Teacher – Mathematics Teacher

  • IT Teacher – Pedagogy

  • IT Teacher – Physical Education Teacher

  • IT Teacher – Health Teacher

  • Mathematics Teacher

  • Mathematics Teacher — Pedagogy

  • Mathematics Teacher – Physical Education Teacher

  • German Teacher – Social Studies Teacher

  • Pedagogy – Art Teacher

  • Psychology and Special Needs Pedagogy

  • Special Needs Pedagogy

  • Special Needs Teacher – Art Teacher

  • Physical Education Teacher – Health Teacher

  • Physical Education Teacher – Social Studies Teacher

  • Kindergarten Teacher"

How to get admitted to the education departments in the Czech Republic

"Entrance exams may consist of either one or several parts and be held in one or two stages, depending on the program.

The exams can include general prerequisites for learning tests, individual subjects tests or social studies tests. The procedure of admission to become a physical education teacher or a sports coach includes taking a practical exam, and the process of admission to become an art or music teacher includes taking a creative exam.

The oral exam checks motivation and general prerequisites for learning.

Upon admission to the majority of the educational programs of Masaryk University, it is enough to pass TSP - a prerequisites for studying at Masaryk University test.

The procedure of admission to the Faculty of Education of the Charles University is more likely to include subject specialization tests."

For example, for the "English Teacher – Russian Teacher" subjects specialization you need to take the following tests:

"1) An English test that consists of 4 parts: – grammar test (multiple choice), which checks your knowledge of the spoken language structures – grammar and vocabulary test (addition, transformation of sentences) – vocabulary test (multiple choice) – text reading and comprehension (multiple choice) The required level is B1–B2. 2) A Russian test that consists of 4 parts: – listening – grammar test – Czech to Russian and Russian to Czech translation – culturology test Competition: 2 people per place"

Foreign applicants applying for admission to the Faculty of Education of the Charles University or Masaryk University are not required to additionally take a Czech exam or provide a certificate of knowledge of Czech. It will be enough to successfully pass the entrance exams in Czech.

How much do teachers get paid in the Czech Republic

"The level of demand depends on the chosen subject specialization; the demand for mathematicians and physicists is always high though, as well as the demand for foreign languages teachers.

The minimum wage of a teacher is calculated in accordance with the table and depends on the level of education and work experience.

Thus, the salary of a graduate holding the Master's degree certificate in education starts from 32,850 CZK in the Czech Republic. The standard working time of a teacher to receive the mentioned salary is 40 hours per week (this includes both teaching hours and time to prepare for classes). If the teacher works longer hours (for example, while being a substitute), they receive additional payments. Also, being a classroom teacher provides an additional payment as well. Plus, a system of individual assessment of the teaching staff and salary bonuses for them is adopted in the Czech schools."

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