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Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague

Maksim Khan

4 July 2023



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Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová

Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague was founded in 1885 as the School of Decorative Arts. The ideological principles of the school were based on the ideas and concepts of art theorist and prominent German architect of the 19th century, Gottfried Semper, who was looking for a synthesis of “artistic” and “technical”.

Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová

AAAD occupies a special place in the educational system of the Czech Republic. The main concept of studying is based on artistic creativity in the studio with the guidance of experienced advisers. Studying the theory is of great importance as well.

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  • UMPRUM is an up-market modern art school that is of great interest not only for Czech, but also for foreign students.

  • The main concept of studying is based on three principles: theory and philosophy of art, technical disciplines and artistic creativity in the studio.

  • The goal of the educational institution is to provide students with a comprehensive art education in the field of architecture, design, visual communication, liberal and applied arts.

Bachelor’s degree programs last 4 years. Master’s degree program in Architecture lasts 6 years of full-time study.

Applications are required to be submitted before November 30 (you can submit only one application to one studio).

Along with the application, an applicant must submit:

officially-certified copy of a certificate proving the completion of the secondary school education letter of motivation copy of the proof of the admission fee payment for foreigners – certificate of proficiency in the Czech language at a B1 level completed at the Charles University (the exam at Charles University takes place at the end of October). Applicants for Fine Arts studios (Sculpture, Painting, Intermedia Art and Photography) must submit portfolio of works before November 30.

Studying process

  • Courses are held in a studio of the corresponding major. Students also study accompanying disciplines and attend lectures on art history and aesthetics.

  • Courses held in studios combine art concept work with technical and craft work. The student must master the basic principles of creativity and learn to apply them in their work.

  • Students are faced with the task of developing conceptual thinking, learning how to work on the experiment basis, and being able to analyze a problem.

  • Development of the artist’s personality is the center of the study. Author’s projects are an important component of the educational process. The students must demonstrate the ability to plan their creative growth.

  • Practical courses are accompanied by a wide range of theoretical disciplines in art history, aesthetics and philosophy of art. Part of the studying process is an internship in a studio of another program or an internship abroad.

Bachelor’s degree programs

Program duration – 4 years Programs and majors


  • Industrial Design

  • Furniture and Interior Design

  • Glass

  • Ceramics and Porcelain

  • Metal – K.O.V. (concept, object, meaning)

  • Fashion Design

  • Fashion and Footwear Design

  • Textile Design

Graphics and visual communication

  • Illustrations and Graphics

  • Typography

  • Graphic Design and Visual Communication

  • Film and TV Graphics

  • Graphic Design and New Media

Fine Arts

  • Sculpture

  • Painting

  • Intermedia Art

  • Supermedia

  • Photography

Master’s degree programs (after high school)

Program duration – 6 years Architecture

Master’s degree programs (follow-up programs)

Fine Arts

  • Architecture (3 years)

  • Design (2 years)

  • Graphics and Visual Communication (2 years)

(Master’s degree programs correspond to the respective Bachelor’s degree programs)

Theory and History of Fine Arts

Theory and History of Modern and Contemporary Art (2 years)

Open Day

The open day is usually held in November in the building of the university at náměsti Jana Palacha 80. The university also organizes a lot of exhibitions. It will be useful for applicants to track events on the university website and visit them.

Admission exams

Admission examinations take place in two rounds.

The first round for applicants for the Department of Architecture, Design, Applied Arts and Graphics takes place in person at the beginning of February. During this round, an applicant submits the portfolio of his/her work for assessment and is given a half-day art assignment. Both are assessed by the studio committee. The assessment has only two grades (pass, fail). Applicants who pass both parts are allowed to progress to the second round.

The first round for applicants for the Department of Fine Arts round is held remotely in mid-December. The assessment has also only two grades (pass, fail).

The second round takes place in person at the beginning of February. This part of the admission procedure consists of a test in the history of art and general cultural. Recommended literature is Ernst Hans Gombrich Story of Art.

In addition, the applicant’s portfolio, results of the art assignment completed in three days and study potential are assessed by the studio committee during an interview.

Portfolio requirements: Applicants for Graphics and Visual Communications programs are required to submit 15 pieces of work (poster, unified visual style, book project, photos, illustrations, comics, etc.). It is also possible to submit digital and interactive media in any format. There is no need to include drawings, still lifes, etc.

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