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Long-Term Study Visa

Aleksandra Baranova

5 July 2023



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Long-Term Study Visa

To study in the Czech Republic and further admission, you need a long-term Czech visa.

The rest of the European visas (long-term tourist Schengen visa or an annual visa to another country in Europe) will not suit you, since, according to the law, you cannot stay in the Czech Republic for more than three months with them.

The visa process consists of:

  1. Document Preparation

  2. Appointments at the Embassy

  3. Submission of Visa Application

Our visa & immigration assistance team will check all your documents and help prepare you for their submission. In doing so, you should understand that you will have to actively participate in the process.

You will spend from 4 weeks to 2 months on collecting all documents. Start with a Police Clearance Certificate—in India, it takes about a month from the date of submission of the application (on average) to receive a response.

We will provide you with confirmation of enrolment for the course and confirmation of your dormitory reservation. You need to submit the Police Clearance Certificate and a Certificate from the bank about the availability of funds in your account. If you are a minor, you will need notarized consent from your parents (required from both parents) to leave the country.

Appointments at the Embassy

Applications for a long-term Czech visa must be submitted personally at the Consulate/Embassy of the Czech Republic on the date agreed by the Consulate. Schedule an appointment with the Consulate near you. The appointment can be made via email or phone.

In response to your appointment request, you will receive a letter from the Consulate indicating the date and time of your appointment. The Consulate may schedule an appointment anytime between a week and a month after the application is sent, depending on its workload at the moment. Therefore, before applying, be sure to keep the entire set of documents ready.

Submission of Visa Application

You should submit your application and documents in person. Please prepare for questions about the purpose of your trip to the Czech Republic. Consul interviews are not always scheduled.

For a study purpose visa, the processing time is usually 60 days which can be extended to 120 days in individual cases requiring more examination.

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