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Admission to Charles University

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3 July 2023



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This tailored program prepares students wishing to study Humanities & Social Sciences at Charles University. The program covers the admission preparation to numerous faculties in Charles University; namely, to the Faculty of Law, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Philosophy & Faculty of Humanities.

Charles University

**A. Why Charles University ?

Founded in 1348, Charles University is one of the oldest universities in the world. Nonetheless, it is known as a modern, dynamic, cosmopolitan and prestigious institution. It is the largest, most renowned and best-rated Czech university, according to international rankings. The University has around 50,000 students enrolled in various programs, out of which 7,000 students come from foreign countries. Every year, just under 9,000 students complete their studies; Charles University graduates enjoy one of the highest employment rates in the Czech Republic.

Charles University’s Faculty of Philosophy and the Faculty of Social Sciences are both very popular with international students and have a world-wide reputation. The most popular specialties are: Political Science, Media, Sociology, Aesthetics, and Psychology.

B. Admission Process

When applying for numerous humanitarian degrees at Charles University, instead of exams based on subjects from the school curriculum, applicants are asked to take a test that looks at their general prerequisites for learning, namely, their ability to think logically, language proficiency, debating skills, and their ability to work with numbers. It is also important to know the history of Europe and the Czech Republic, to navigate the social sciences, and, most importantly, to have a genuine interest in the future specialisation (and, accordingly, read a lot of related literature).

Program Details

The preparatory program combines a Czech language course that includes basic vocabulary in Humanities, with specialised training in your chosen field of study.

Program Fee: € 5,725 Program Inclusions:

  • 870 Czech language lessons from zero to B2 level

  • 150 classes of specialized training on:

  • Preparation for OSP SCIO exam

  • Fundamentals of Social Sciences and Czech history

  • Introduction to History of the Czech Republic & Europe

Program Modules

B2 Level Czech language training

This module is aimed at Czech language training for B2 level proficiency. Teachers are linguists and native speakers. Throughout the Admission to Charles University program, they emphasise reading and the critical analysis of humanitarian texts. Students develop skills to understand and to work with complex social sciences texts. Students also read Czech periodicals in the classroom and discuss current problems and issues in the social sphere. This program has been broadened by excursions, historical exhibitions, as well as the preparation of presentations, which also take into account your chosen future specialisation.

Preparation for OSP SCIO Exam

The General Learning Prerequisites Test is carried out by SCIO 6 times a year (an applicant can try to take the test several times — Charles University will consider the best result). Preparation for the “General Learning Prerequisites” Test includes:

  • In-depth study of the Czech vocabulary

  • Development of logical thinking

  • Improving reading skills

  • Working with numbers

Basics of Social Sciences and Czech history

Depending on the faculty and specialty, it will be necessary to pass the ZSV SCIO National Comparison Exam in Fundamentals of Social Sciences or the internal faculty exam. In order to enter the humanities, one needs to master a large amount of information on political science, sociology, economics, philosophy, and history. Our course examines typical exam tasks. Students actively work with social science literature, exploring topics that were not part of their school curriculum.

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