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Admission to the private universities

Maksim Khan

30 June 2023



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Admission to a university in the Czech Republic without losing a year for preparation.

Upon coming to the Czech Republic under our program of support for admission to the private universities in the Czech Republic, you will be able to start studying at a university in the Czech Republic immediately after completing a 2-month intensive Czech language classes.

The private universities are very popular among students from abroad. For a list and description of the private universities, see "All Universities in the Czech Republic" Private universities in the Czech Republic

Why are the private universities in the Czech Republic so popular?

  • Cost - from € 1000 per term

  • More specialized fields of study

  • A lot of practice during the study

  • Fields of study in Czech or English language

  • A lot of opportunities to go for a term or a year in England, America and other countries under the student exchange program

Private universities have agreements with the large Czech and international companies. Part of the study is usually a six-month practicum at a business incubator or enterprise.

"An indisputable plus of the Czech educational system is that students are given independence. It is up to us to choose how we will study. We are literally improving our study skills. I also like the fact that with any questions, with any unresolved issue, you can freely ask any teacher, because we have an open door policy". Marina Zashivaylo, program participant and student at Metropolitan University in Prague

Admission Support Program

To become a student at a private university in the Czech Republic, you can come to us in Prague for summer Czech language classes.

The classes are from July 1st to September 30th. The classes duration is 250 hours. You can obtain the A2-B1 level during the classes.

Our teachers will give you a basic knowledge of Czech language, and specialists from the educational department will help you to solve all organizational issues related to admission:

  • receipt of a long-term student visa

  • nostrification of documents on previous education

  • submission of applications to the universities and support during the admission process

After completion of the language class from October 1st you will begin to study at a private university.

The program includes the following:

  • Czech language classes (250 hours)

  • consulting support for admission to the chosen university

  • consulting support for nostrification of diploma or degree

  • visa support

  • dormitory room booking

In the Czech Republic foreign applicants can be admitted without losing a year only to private universities. If you want to study at a public university for free, come to the annual preparation programs.

Read more: The procedure for implementation of the program "Support for admission to a private university"

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