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29 June 2023



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Quality European education can be received in many European countries, but in the Czech Republic you can get it for free.

Advantages of studying in the Czech Republic

We have a good grip on the priorities that school graduates and their parents have when choosing a university abroad.

  • quality education

  • safety during education

  • the cost of education and accommodation

  • comfort of living conditions

  • future path after the education

The Czech Republic meets all of these points in the best possible way. Read here about 10 reasons why the Czech Republic is still the best country to live in.

All that is needed for free admission and study at a Czech state university is to learn the Czech language. Since the Czech language belongs to the Slavic group.

How to choose a language center

Here we want to give some important advice. We recommend applying to a large language center - with Czech teachers, a long track record and pleased graduates. The longer the training center has been on the Czech educational market scene, the better.

Since there are a lot of people who are interested in language training services for admission to the Czech universities, many small language schools have appeared on the market in recent years. Some of them not only fail to provide quality services, but often do not fulfill the promises made upon signing the contract.

The official website of the language center should help you get an overview of how it works - how many students attend the center, how they are treated, the number of students who successfully applied to universities upon completion of the classes, how many employees the center has, whether they are experts in their field, etc.

The center's website must include the legal person and the legal address of the company. If the center does not provide such information easily, it is a serious reason to doubt that this center is worth applying to.

Studying in the Czech Republic is associated with a number of serious issues - getting visa, registration of documents for residence, nostrification of documents on previous education, submitting an application to the Czech universities, language training for the exams, and etc. It's better to avoid the risk and apply to a reliable training center.

How to choose a city: Prague or Brno?

Our training center operates in two major cities of the Czech Republic - Prague and Brno. You should consider which city is best for your child.

Most people choose Prague. Life in the capital, of course, is more interesting. On the other hand, Brno is also quite a university city, interesting in its own way. We advise you choose the city to the university in which the student wants to apply in the future. While attending the classes, the student will have the opportunity to attend the open Information Weekend and get some advice from the departments.

How to choose the best accommodation option

Students usually live in student residences or dormitories for some time after arriving to the Czech Republic. When submitting documents for getting a visa, you must provide confirmation of having a place to live in for the entire period of study. Of course, it is easier to choose a suitable dormitory online than to find an apartment option when you're abroad.

We offer our students options for accommodation in rooms and apartments in the student residences. We tried to choose the best options in terms of quality-to-price ratio. There are many students in the Czech Republic and it can be difficult to reserve a place on your own without the help of a large training center. Read here about where and how GoStudy students live.

We make reservations in the dormitories for our students in advance. Unlike other language schools, we offer our students a larger selection of student residences and dormitories - at different prices.

Our clients pay for their accommodation monthly directly upon arrival at the dormitory.

Often students move into a dormitory for a start and then later rent an apartment. We warn parents and students that when renting an apartment in Prague, you may be faced with fraud and additional unforeseen expenses when recalculating utility charges. Our advisors are always ready to give advice to students on renting an apartment and check the rental agreement.

What kind of support students need in the new country

We believe that we need to help people coming to study in another country to adapt to it as much as possible. It is not only about language adaptation, but also about help in solving everyday issues - connecting to the Internet and a cell phone, opening a bank account, sending letters at the post office, making an appointment with a doctor, etc.

Thus we have advisors at our center. Students and their parents can always contact them with any issues.

Of course, we control the discipline of our students. We have a working electronic attendance control system. Parents also have electronic access to report cards and can always check their child's attendance. Teachers regularly leave messages for parents about their children's academic achievements.

All of our teachers speak only in Czech to the students from the very first day of classes. It really helps students to overcome the language barrier. Within two weeks of starting classes, the students get used to being spoken to only in Czech.

We help students to overcome the so-called sociocultural barrier as well. For this purpose, we have developed a plan of extracurricular activities. We visit cinemas, theaters, museums and celebrate birthdays and name days together.

Teachers try to pay attention to students in their personal time as well. They introduce them to their friends, invite them to discuss interesting topics at Czech universities, go on trips around the Czech Republic together.

We try to show the different sides of life in the Czech Republic and make our students feel at home in our center. Each teacher is open for communication and students can approach them at any time with a problem, a question or a request.

About our students' top 5 fears and why they are all unreasonable read here.

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Maksim Khan

29 June 2023

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