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MBA in the Czech Republic

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7 July 2023



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An MBA, or Master of Business Administration, is a degree that, more than a bachelor’s or master’s degree, is influenced by the institution you attend. Finding your way through the rankings and evaluating their quality might help you make the best school decision. Seeking MBA in the Czech Republic is a great way to ensure high-quality education for lower cost as well as great career perspectives.

Why choose Czech MBA?

For foreign students, MBA programs and business programs in the Czech Republic are particularly appealing because they combine a prominent heritage of academic education with the economic prospects provided by a thriving economy in Europe’s very center. Thanks to that, the majority of MBA programs are taught in English and have formed partnerships and accreditations with universities in the UK and US.

Moreover, The Czech Association of MBA Schools (CAMBAS), which was founded in 1998, is the Czech Republic’s certification authority. As a result, an MBA in the Czech Republic may provide options to meet a variety of professional goals. You may utilize your time in the country to prepare for a job in Europe or to position yourself worldwide by taking advantage of international collaborations and an international student population.

MBA structure and contents

In most cases, you will be able to work alongside your MBA as most programs account for their students’ professional status. Individual schools must be researched and their course structures evaluated in connection to your professional objectives and circumstances.

Individual Czech business schools, under the inspection of CAMBAS, keep a close eye on the standards of MBA programs in other parts of the world. As a result, most Czech programs employ traditional teaching approaches, such as a foundation of conceptual and analytical lectures supplemented by seminars and workshops.

Other instructional and development activities will be added to these, depending on the resources available in each school. Some Czech MBA programs may provide internships or consulting opportunities with partner firms, as well as additional options through their alumni network.

Admission procedures

Each institution has its own admissions requirements, although a Bachelor’s degree is the most basic prerequisite. Applicants with prior managerial experience (2-4 years) are more likely to be admitted into these programs. In addition, a CV and a motivation letter are frequently required upon acceptance.

Since it is anticipated that the majority of MBA students are already working professionals, the most common study format is a combined program that lasts 2 to 2,5 years.

Present and remote learning are both used in the MBA program. Typically, the majority of the work is focused on individual literature research and teamwork learning.

MBA in Prague

Prague International Business School

Was founded as a collaboration between the University of Economics and Manchester Metropolitan University.

MBA programs include:

  1. Economics and management

  2. Healthcare and social management

  3. ICT and cybersecurity

  4. Forestry

  5. Food and agriculture

Tuition fee — 9 200 EUR/whole program.

University of Economics (VSE)

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The building of the University of Economics in Prague is situated in Žižkov quarter, not far from the mail railway station.

The largest economics university in the Czech Republic offers several MBA programmes.

Real Estate Investment, Development and Valuation:

  • realized in Czech with added lectures in English;

  • long-distance learning + 2-day seminars;

  • requirements: Bachelor’s degree, a year’s worth of experience in the real estate industry, proven knowledge of English, case study development and admittance interview;

  • tuition fee — 8 000 EUR/whole program.

International Executive MBA:

  • there is a choice between curriculum in English and Czech/English;

  • opportunities for study stays at partner universities such as Imperial College (UK), ZHAW School of Management and Law (Switzerland), and Universität Liechtenstein (Liechtenstein);

  • requirements: Bachelor’s degree, three years worth of postgraduate professional experience, CV, a motivation letter, an English certificate, two references, a diploma and academic transcript, and a successful interview;

  • tuition fee: 10 400 EUR/whole program.

  • realized in Czech with added lectures in English;

  • program in cooperation with KPMG Czech Republic and involves a number of industry specialists;

  • requirements: Bachelor’s degree, two years worth of postgraduate professional experience, CV, a motivation letter, and a successful admittance interview;

  • tuition fee: 11 250 EUR/whole program.

  • partner university — IAE de Lyon, Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3 (double degree);

  • curriculum in French+Czech;

  • requirements: Bachelor’s degree, three years worth of postgraduate professional experience, good knowledge of Czech and French, and a successful admittance interview;

  • tuition fee: 2 600 EUR/whole program.

University of Finance and Administration, Prague

  • The program is created in collaboration with City University of Seattle, USA and available since 2002;

  • Specializations: Management, Marketing, and Finance;

  • Requirements: Bachelor’s degree, CV, a motivation letter, an English certificate, a diploma and academic transcript;

  • Tuition fee: 10 847 EUR/whole program.

University of New York in Prague — UNYP

  • Cooperates with the Swiss Institut Universitaire Kurt Bösch;

  • You can choose from the following specializations: Management, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Marketing, Global Business Services.

  • Admission requirements: Bachelor’s degree, three years of work experience in the specialty, proficiency in English, successful admittance interview;

  • Tuition fee: 14 500 EUR/whole program.

Anglo-American University, Prague

  • Created in collaboration with Chapman University’s Argyros School of Business and Economics (ASBE) in California, USA;

  • The program is taught exclusively in English;

  • Requirements: Bachelor’s degree, a diploma and academic transcript, CV, a motivation letter, two references, and a successful admittance interview;

  • Tuition fee: 18 100 EUR/whole program.

Skoda Auto University

  • The program is taught in English;

  • Specialization in Global Management in Automotive Industry;

  • Requirements: Bachelor’s degree, three years of management experience, cover letter, references, recommendations for study from superiors, English proficiency, successful interview (in person or via VOIP or phone);

  • Tuition fee: 13 600 EUR/whole program.

European School of Business & Management

  • The length of the program is 1 year;

  • Combination of online and full-time form;

  • The program is taught exclusively in Czech;

  • ESBM offers 22 unique specializations. Here they are:

  1. Andragogy and Management Education

  2. Banking

  3. Corporate Management

  4. Economics and Financial Management

  5. Executive Management

  6. Investment Management

  7. Leadership and Soft Skills

  8. Management in Gastronomy and Hospitality

  9. Innovation Management

  10. Business Management

  11. Management in Education

  12. Public Administration Management

  13. Healthcare Management

  14. Managerial Psychology

  15. Marketing and Promotion Management

  16. International Management

  17. Modern Management

  18. Personnel Management

  19. Insurance

  20. Project Management

  21. Risk and Crisis Management

  22. Sports Management

  • Requirements: Bachelor’s degree and managerial work experience;

  • Tuition fee: 3 200 EUR/whole program.

MBA in Brno

Brno University of Technology

  • Created in cooperation with the University of St. Francis in Chicago, US;

  • The program is accredited by the American Accreditation Commissions NCA-CASI and ACBSP;

  • The program is realized in Czech+English;

  • Requirements: Bachelor’s degree, English proficiency, GMAT and TOEFL;

  • Tuition fee: 8 800 EUR/whole program.

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