The Czech Republic is well known as one of the safest countries in Europe (in fact, it’s the 10th safest in the world!), so it’s no wonder thousands of students flock here every year to study.

With a very low overall crime rate, visitors often comment on how safe they feel when walking the streets around each of the vibrant cities.

Safety with traveling

Traveling within the country is incredibly safe, especially on public transport. If you choose to use taxis, make sure that you use a reputable company (such as Profi Taxi and City Taxi) and agree to your rate upfront.


Pickpocketing and muggings remain a very low risk throughout the Czech Republic. Whilst it is always advisable to remain vigilant when traveling through any city, students report feeling safe and secure within this beautiful country.

Pickpocketing and muggings remain a very low risk throughout the Czech Republic.

Studying as a female

Overall, the Czech Republic offers a very friendly and welcoming environment for any visitors, whether they’re tourists or students. This is no different when it comes to studying as a female, and we are proud as a nation to offer a safe and accessible atmosphere for all our citizens.

Young female student is on Pragues main square

We have over 40,000 police officers in the country whose primary task is to look after the safety and welfare of everyone who lives and travels within the Czech Republic, helping us to remain one of the safest and most reliable countries in Europe.

Whether you’re out and about during the day or night, you can be assured that you will feel free from danger and able to enjoy everything this beautiful country has to offer.

The Czech Republic is an ideal place for international students, offering advanced multicultural education in a safe area. Get in touch with us to find out more about studying here.

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